Do not listen to old words suffer in the eyes Do not listen to old words suffer in the eyes

Rumbling carts walked from bumper to bumper front of my house, as if a Unit from the cold wind blowing through my heart.Some of them because there is no parking and reluctant to leave; others because of hate and disdain to quietly away. A few days ago, we here car to drive to bustling.From morning until night, a little more

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dawn dawn

I was confused to dip to the sea, great big tears falling from heaven, my hand to catch the water droplets is my reflection.I am doing what it?On the balance of dangling in the lost balance, stepping on steel wire walking on endless trails, engaged in the endless food for thought. Dark light alternately.Claustrophobia, fog, non-fog, dreamlike, such as electric

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Cool autumn Cool autumn

Zhoushan first came to earth and brake Autumn beginning.    Narrations from the spring has been no consideration of Qingping, came from the foot of Daiyue all the way to the East China Sea, are actually sensibility with rational perspective there is time and space.”I’ve crossed the mountains and the sea, but also through the sea of people” is used to always

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Chun drunk Chun drunk

April Fangfei do, sunny early spring flowers.Increasingly warm spring, Swift has returned, among chirp Ming Liu, elegant Flying.Shady inner courtyard is still a budding flower, sunny flowers is sweet Shining.Under the warm sun, a snow pear tree, a peach Yan.The pupil of the eye, is the United States got some.Light smell, smoked and then smoked drunk.    Small park, Yang Liu Yiyi,

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cage cage

I think I went into a cage, looking forward to the TV drama Lost is invisible direction.    See upstairs to rest a bit before the piece of the fish tank, is about to become a piece of food on the fire at a moment when the grass carp.When I use the word “food” when, at the moment my heart is so

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Chen Zhihong: done, there must be progress Chen Zhihong: done, there must be progress

At an early age, I was very confused.At that time, I always have been thinking, thinking, thinking about his own life in the end what to do.Just when I think of the time in my mind later, all of a sudden, many years later. I learned later, would not progress, things are made out of.Finally, and only then make their

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Cacalia dish Cacalia dish

Cacalia dish the end of April, peach, pear, crabapple, apricot, plum, spring, etc. blooming a big wave coming to an end, poplar, willow Bai Xu, such as snow flying in the clear sky, the beauty contest count it, but and that in the end is a lot less colorful than up, thinking about this year’s blooming has ended, the land

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Bluebird areas not Bluebird areas not

In the desert after a time, his eyes full of sand accumulation in the world, I love this piece of land, like a single color of desert sand and hot taste.I like camels, ostriches, and desert grass, although they look like me shabby, but no doubt they are strong.    And seeds family living in the desert, the days of tranquil comfort.Seeds

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Acacia one hundred poems, this is the world’s most beautiful love words Acacia one hundred poems, this is the world’s most beautiful love words

Acacia one hundred poems, which is the world’s most beautiful love, then 1, wide pine does not regret, to eliminate the Iraqi people languish.- Liu Yong “Feng Qiwu” 2, and death deed wide, and the child into that.Hold your hand, and grow old.- Anonymous “Book of Bei Feng drum” 3, a long long time if the two conditions, a blessing

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“Beijing Love Story” – The “Beijing Love Story” – The

Beijing city old and young here carries China stretches for thousands of years of political, economic and cultural heritage.  There is also criss-crossed with a variety of young freshest ideas and trends.  There are winding alleys of old Beijing culture, laughing courtyard downtown accused of precipitating an era.  There are also numerous buildings forest Benz busy fast, fleeting fast running in to tell

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