Huizhou Longmen R&F Health Valley Hot Spring Villa

Huizhou Longmen R&F Health Valley Hot Spring Villa

Huizhou Longmen R&F Health Valley Hot Spring Villa is an all-inclusive package that allows you to have a different holiday. The natural environment of Nankunshan Fuli Health Valley Zimeng Hot Spring Villa is unique, surrounded by mountains on three sides, including river valleys.

With a forest coverage rate of 90%, enjoy a green and healthy life!

Let you enjoy the fresh air of Nankun Mountain Scenic Area and enjoy the fun of the valley.

Villa living room map different villas different decoration style villa living room decoration is elegant and clean, the focus is enough space!

Home Video KTV Villa Room Picture Different villas are decorated in different styles and tastefully decorated. They have clean and comfortable rooms and wake up in the birds and flowers.

Villa kitchen map different villas different styles of decoration kitchen with mahjong table behind the garden with hot spring pool, three friends chat together to talk about the attractions recommended Wandong Ancient Village is located in the health valley, the construction of the ancient village draws Lingnan’s unique architectural culture and folk culture,Embedding classical elements such as small bridges, door openings, lanes, and gray spaces in each landscape space to create a boutique community with rich Lingnan style.

Leisurely strolling in the ancient village, craftsmen pinch out the lively face-to-face, blow out the sugary people so exquisite that you can’t bear to eat, etc. There are many folk projects that you can’t help but stop.

Wetland Park, Country Park, Ancient Tree Park The baby who likes to climb can come to the 18-mile hiking trail, the ultimate natural scenery, safe and convenient mountaineering facilities.

Nankun Mountain Forest Park: Nankun Mountain is located in the southwest of Longmen County, with a total area of 129 kilometers.

From the west to the east horseshoe shape, forming a valley basin.

The territory is heavily stacked, the old trees are towering, and the green bamboos are everywhere.

Gourmet Recommended Happy Farm is adjacent to R&F Hot Spring Health Valley. It is a supporting resort for the resort. It covers an area of 46 acres. It is divided into a zoo viewing area, a natural green no-added greens self-picking area, a bonfire entertainment area, and a DIY firewood interactive experience.District, pacifier fish parent-child entertainment area.

Free access to the vegetable picking area in the zoo viewing area (charges apply) Meeting fire entertainment area (regularly scheduled, customizable, chargeable) DIY firewood dining interactive experience area (charge required) BBQ area (charge required) Dining area needs discount group purchaseFriends can chat or comment on sending links. Traffic Guide Address: Yongli Town, Longmen County, Huizhou City, South Korea Kunshan Health Valley Navigation: R&F South Kunshan Hot Spring Health Valley ◆ Guangzhou: Guangzhou City → Huangpu Avenue West → South China Express → WideRiver Expressway→X261→S119→ R&F South Kunshan Health Valley ◆ Foshan: Foshan First Ring (Guangfo Expressway)→South China Expressway→Guanghe Expressway (to Heyuan)→Yonghanxia Expressway (first traffic light turn right, toward5 km from Longmen direction→→ R&F South Kunshan Health Valley ◆ Shenzhen: Shenzhen City → Meiguan Road → Pearl River Delta Expressway → Wanshen Expressway → Guanghe Expressway → X261→S119 → R&F South Kunshan Health Valley ◆ Huizhou: Huizhou City→Huizhou Avenue→Jiguang Expressway→Changshen Expressway→Guanghe Expressway→X261→S119→R&F South Kunshan Health Valley ◆Dongguan: Dongguan (Zengguan Expressway)→ Fuxin公路→增城市区 →(增城体育馆)往正果方向→正果镇(上广河高速)→永汉(下高速条一个红绿灯,右转入龙门方向5公里)→富力南昆山养生谷(以上交通信息Less reference, please refer to the actual details for details)

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