Night Rain

When it began to rain, I do not know.    I was in the sky close to the floor, with all the attention, to complete my work.Factory workers are commuting to lead the bell, the sound of machine factory stopped, there is a staff ran, the boss Yeah, how hot do not open?Employees waiting for a bath.I already said it was not

Early spring open plum

Plum, muscle that nowhere else in early spring, fragrant Ling Haner.That crosswise sparse thin figure, that move one deeply, urging them to be drunk subtle fragrance that Lingshuang Aoxue, noble and unyielding moral integrity and temperament, everything escapes in the same calm in Spring.Early Spring in February, the plum is a unique enjoyment, but also a unique baptism.● find flowers

Audio years no trace flowers

On some nights, sleepy day of the body, suddenly woke up, remembering some of the things, dreams, long time can not sleep.Never shed tears for a long time, regardless of sadness, joy or moved.In the hustle and bustle of this under the guise of some bright night, and my heart touched some people and things, there is no pretext thrown

Japan's first quarter GDP growth of 2.4% slow economic recovery

[Kyodo News May 20 (Xinhua) – The Cabinet Office announced on the 20th the first quarter of 2015 (1 – March) gross domestic product (GDP, seasonally adjusted value) initial value, the actual growth of the previous quarter after excluding price changes. 0.6% annual rate of growth in terms of 2.4%, even by autumn。This reflects Japan's economy from the downturn in

Horse racing festival dances and words

June 11 Racing Festival opened today, and looked at groups of running horse, gallop such as wind power, clip-clop sound……Mind could not help think of a teenager grandmother told the story of a legend。Maternal grandmother was born in Horqin prairie<Today Tongliao——Ganjig flag>Ladylike, as mayor。Grandfather was an underground Communist Party member when the expense of 29-year-old Japanese student, leaving only 26-year-old

Heart delicately, Acacia Nanjin

Moonlight, pouring atrium。Heart Lake micro-Yang, heart flowers blooming。Wife Nanjin, thoughts spread。Along the way, you that touch of warmth always warm my heart valves; one that you think fondly been haunted my dreams; the sound of your greeting that often linger in my ears, I am glad, you know that there have been me, love me enough。    The depths of the Red,

Germany upset a circle of friends, crying: Argentina fans let out the rooftop bar, I'm ready to go up

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">(Original title: upset!Germany 0-1 Mexico, a circle of friends crying!Mexico City earthquake) Reprinted from City Express last night, of concern, "Manhunt day mission," "defending champion" German team finally played!Germany's opener against Mexico, as the defending World Cup champion, the last seven World Cup the German team in first group stage

Fleeting end of the world, for whom wrote a farewell poem

Vertical world hundred pro Benny, who only like you that kind of?End only a soft spot for you。End of the world fleeting, laying a paper Huanhua pad, twist a pen incense, before the darkness has not yet come, I wrote a farewell poem, Blue Bird asked to send you Diao。You know?The poor blue sky under their lives, I was removed

Financial fraud, high premium to buy Secret capital of listed companies' operational technique "

The phenomenon of repeated fraud of listed companies, such as related party transactions, financial fraud, abuse of accounting estimates, such as high acquisition premium, not without some reorganization of listed companies in the process of champions。Of course, some listed companies are crude, some relatively "clever" Some。After all, these are the impact of capital markets, harm the interests of small investors