[Can babies drink ginger soup]_Baby_Can they drink

[Can babies drink ginger soup]_Baby_Can they drink

Ginger soup can improve the body’s immunity, especially some babies are weak and often have fever and cold.

However, the baby’s diet should be very strict, because the baby is young and the physical rehabilitation is not perfect.

So whether to give the baby a soup or add other complementary foods, it needs to be decided according to the baby’s physical development.

Can babies drink ginger soup?

First, can babies drink ginger soup? Babies under 2 years old: gastrointestinal digestive function is not perfect, it is not recommended to drink ginger soup. Ginger is a good health food, but also an inedible seasoning in cooking, which can dispel cold sweats., Increase appetite, promote digestion, sterilization.

However, the ginger taste is mild and irritating to the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, the digestive function of the gastrointestinal tract of babies under 2 years old is not perfect, and it is not recommended to drink ginger soup.

Second, when can babies drink ginger soup? Babies over 2 years old can drink ginger soup appropriately when they have a cold. Ginger soup is recommended not to make too thick, and give it to the baby a few times.

However, parents should note that colds are divided into wind cold, wind heat, summer heat, etc. Not any cold drink bowl of ginger soup can solve the problem, drinking ginger soup is only suitable for cold cold.

The mother must analyze the baby’s condition and prescribe the right medicine.

Third, how to make red jujube ginger soup ingredients: four jujubes, light green, shallot root and ginger.

Method: 1. Peel each jujube, cut into small pieces, slice ginger, slice onion, and clean the roots.

2, put the prepared ingredients into the pot and cook for 15 minutes, including the time of boiling water, do not take too long, cook and pour out, just give the baby something to drink.

Fourth, the baby drink ginger soup precautions 1, eat ginger, heart fire Wang Ginger can promote digestion, speed up blood flow, there are refreshing effects, therefore, the best health effects of ginger in the morning.

But after noon, you should not eat ginger, because at this time for people who are enthusiastic about themselves, it is tantamount to pouring oil on the fire, easy to hurt the lungs, and cause symptoms such as cough and respiratory heat.

2. Eating ginger late, hurting the viscera. Eating ginger at night is easy to make people excited, unable to sleep peacefully, stimulate nerves, affect heart function, and also easily stagnate internal fire.

If you eat ginger while drinking at night, these two are hot things, which can easily damage your internal organs.

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