Is Prostatitis Related to Kidney Deficiency in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Is Prostatitis Related to Kidney Deficiency in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Prostatitis is a common disease among young and middle-aged people. In the clinic, some patients with prostatitis often ask repeatedly “Is my kidney deficient. Is this disease good? Should I take some kidney-reinforcing medicine?”

Some patients are worried that kidney deficiency will cause changes in kidney function. ”

Some people who have a little knowledge of this disease often equate prostatitis with the “kidney deficiency” of traditional Chinese medicine, and spend a lot of money to bring in some kidney-tonicity. Sometimes the disease is not good, but it becomes worse;Burden, is it really prostatitis = kidney deficiency?

This is a complete misunderstanding.

  的 The relationship between prostatitis and “kidney”: First of all, it should be explained that “kidney” has a different concept in the theory of western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.

The “kidney” of western medicine hypertension refers mainly to the human urinary system organs, whose function is the production and excretion of urine.

The kidneys remove the metabolites in the blood and regulate the concentration of liquids and solutes inside and outside the cell, so that the internal environment remains stable.

Kidney diseases include medical nephritis, nephropathy, renal failure (uremia), and urinary tract infections. Surgical renal congenital malformations, tumors, and stones.

  The “kidney” referred to in Chinese medicine, in addition to the urinary system function of western medicine, also includes the function of the human reproductive system. In the theory of Chinese medicine, it is called “kidney essence, main development; main water and fluid metabolism;Tongnao, the main bone, its blooming in the hair, opening the ears to the ears, through the two yin. ”

  In short, the kidney is the innate foundation of the human body.

Therefore, the meaning of kidney in Chinese medicine is vast.

Chronic prostatitis is a disease of the urinary and genitourinary system. Its symptoms include abnormal urination, pain in the perineum and surroundings, and severe cases may have varying degrees of sexual dysfunction and systemic neurasthenia. According to Chinese medicine, the onset of prostatitis isThe kidney and the bladder are closely related to the kidney.

Some patients with chronic prostatitis will have the symptoms of “kidney deficiency”, but most patients do not have “kidney deficiency”, so it can not be separated.

  TCM syndrome differentiation to distinguish between reality and deficiency: TCM believes that any kind of disease exists “yin and yang, cold and heat,” which means that the same disease, specific to different individuals, has a special category, some prostatitisIt is necessary to distinguish whether the patient is based on “empirical evidence” or “virtual syndrome”. This is related to whether our treatment is “replenishing the false” or “reducing the truth”. If it is reversed, the “virtual rule” will be made.”More virtual”, “Real is more real.”

  Generally, chronic prostatitis is divided into two categories, one is the type of hot and humid betting (evidence), which is manifested as: frequent urination, dysuria, urinary waiting, urination, perineal and surrounding pain, scrotal protrusion and other symptoms, which are more commonPeople with short illness and good physical fitness do not have symptoms of kidney deficiency. Chinese medicine believes that the disease is caused by excessive heat and heat in the body, which are accumulated in the kidneys and bladder. The treatment should be heat and dampness, Tongli watercourse, and stasis.Tongqiao, the disease can gradually improve.

If the kidney is treated, the evil will be deep and sticky.

  The other type is the type of kidney deficiency (deficiency syndrome). In addition to the symptoms of poor urination, some patients have weak waists and knees, cold limbs and cold, or dry mouth, dry dreams, and hot hands, feet and hearts., And abnormal sexual function, this is a symptom of kidney deficiency, more common in patients with longer illness, or weak body.

In the treatment of kidney (specifically, the kidney yin, or kidney yang should be distinguished), of course, at the same time, it should be supplemented with Qinglitongqiao drugs.

Clinically, deficiency and reality are not absolute, and sometimes appear as a mixture of deficiency and reality, but there is a primary and secondary difference between the main body and the traditional Chinese medicine dietary health products that are treated, that is, “Junchen Zuo Shiming” in traditional Chinese medicine.

  ⒊ Kidney deficiency is not terrible: Some prostatitis patients with symptoms of kidney deficiency think that they are very sick and have high psychological pressure. They think about their illness all day and do nothing. They often take some symptoms and check their seats.No need.

There are also patients who do not have kidney deficiency at all, and they always think that they have deficiency syndromes. They see doctors everywhere, look for medicine, or listen to the so-called “doctors” for profit., The disease was not cured.

Speaking from the truth, chronic prostatitis is not a serious disease. Although it is more difficult to treat, as long as you focus on treatment and follow the principle of syndrome differentiation and treatment based on traditional Chinese medicine, it is easier to cooperate psychologically and physically.

Another important point is that in addition to eating traditional Chinese medicine health products, you must pay attention to homeostasis and dietary habits in addition to eating and health care, and the combination of treatment and treatment will gradually improve and even recover.

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