Baidu prose network raving winter clothing ladies skirts and Thailand Merlin poetry prose literature collection Baidu prose network raving winter clothing ladies skirts and Thailand Merlin poetry prose literature collection

Some of the stories suitable for burial in the depths of the soul, some heart Zhongjiu forever in the memory of the past.Those happy times, sad those lost, let it at the bottom of Pandora’s always treasure, do not hesitate, do not crash, and that yesterday’s touch of the setting sun, with the clear sky and the bleak central water

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Autumn playful Autumn playful

Between mid-autumn, the weather is getting cold.Last night of autumn rain, washed the blue sky, the autumn sun shines out warm from the sun through the gap between the leaves, sparse shed mottled light and shadow, peaceful, refreshing afternoon park.    Although the weekend, the park was not much.A large park area, planted with elm, willow, some trees a year, the park

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At first glance Chongqing At first glance Chongqing

Heart already want to go to a good future of the city, but not in Chongqing, but accidentally test here, just let the city into my eyes.    For the first time away from home to go to the field, the distance did not seem to have much interest.Off-site school just a short stay, I will eventually return to me to support

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Andante Cantabile Andante Cantabile

Andante cantabile in the soft light, an FM stereo broadcast pop music by the changes.Lightweight and smooth melody, orchestration is very simple, a few violins, a guitar master is playing a mandolin, electric bass plus.Obviously, there are taste better than the song itself.There are music critics say that with the lyrics, the music is worsening.Because the lyrics deprive people’s imagination.So

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Acacia in the spring Acacia in the spring

[REVIEW] One year later, spring, I returned to the city from the mountains into the normal school, teachers made a veritable.Winter to spring, grass, yellow grass, the mountains do a twelve years, but I often dream vaguely where the mountain, where the water, where the trees, where people.Into middle age, often recalled as a child that puzzled, dashing demeanor that

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Also is an outstanding heritage Also is an outstanding heritage

At an early age, I always feel that everyone paying as much effort, then the result will be the same.Gradually, I know, not necessarily, if say, we were not good people at the very beginning, maybe we have to pay a lot.  But it is like this, so people say, if you want a good child, a generation destined to abandon

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A rainbow rising from the sea A rainbow rising from the sea

Most of the time in life, commonplace, apathy.Most can remember are those related events can touch their own visual acuity and sentimental soul.    That night of sleep, dark night skies are busy, while tinker fan blowing bursts of wind whistling, while instigating rain kept pouring crashed.Cross wind and rain, little rain fell, a night’s sleep was forced to complete a night

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A light heart, a scent of ink memo A light heart, a scent of ink memo

(A) last night, no wind, no rain, mist drunken Lest live up to this time.Only the dream light crop, until dusk, the scent of ink Su Jian, achievements amber time.In walking along the river and play with the fish, about the wind together, and happy escorts!Natural water, natural day, natural grass, natural flowers, natural harmony, peace and tranquility of nature,

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A beautiful myth A beautiful myth

There is an article written books, intention is a girl like this: Take a bus of the old man as old and feeble (or something else) get lost, so the performance of such a scene, take the bus of people have surrounded until the old man to ask relatives and rescue, several people for helping the old man held up

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White Hart approached the town White Hart approached the town

Big Year, sunny, we went to the White Hart family town.    White Deer town about sixty kilometers from Chengdu, located in the mountains west of Pengzhou.Convenient transportation, tourists.    Su Jian River into the saddle, and the White Deer River, ten minutes walk will reach the town of White Deer.From afar, this is a town in western Sichuan where, oh, clearly is one

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