Adult dreamy sex child dream animal

Adult dreamy sex child dream animal

Although most people’s impressions of dreams are dark, fragmented, and illogical, even so, we can still experience all kinds of emotions such as happiness, excitement, sadness and fear from dreams.

Thanks to the development of modern science and technology, the mystery of dreams is being uncovered layer by layer.

  Discovery Recently, scientists have used functional nuclear magnetic resonance and positron emission scanning technology to find the fast-moving eye sleep period (REM period, also translated as heterogeneous sleep period, a period of human sleep, which takes a period of time for dreams to occur).

It was discovered by scientists in the 1950s.

) The most active area of the brain is the limbic system, which is the part that controls one’s emotions.

The activity of the prefrontal leather of the brain that governs logical thinking is much weaker, which explains why dreams that occur during the REM period often lack logic and overlap and fragment.

  Another area of the brain that is active during REM is called the anterior cingulate cortex. This area is responsible for identifying differences between objects. Recent research has found that this area can store old or permanent memories.

This seems to explain that people or things that are very far away or even forgotten often appear in dreams.

  Can people not dream REM sleep or dreams are necessary for human survival?

The answer seems to be yes.

Because some antidepressants can prevent or reduce REM sleep, the physical or mental health of the user is not significantly affected.

Even permanent loss of dreaming ability will not cause great obstacles.

An Israeli man named Yuval was penetrated by a bullet when he was 19 years old. As a result, he could not produce REM sleep, and he couldn’t remember any dreams.

This gentleman is 55 years old, has a happy life and a successful career (combining lawyers, painters and magazine editors).

REM sleep is no longer necessary, and it is a common phenomenon. At least mammals and birds have REM sleep (this does not mean that all mammals and birds will dream).

REM sleep may have evolutionary significance, because mammals and birds are both thermostatic animals, and the alternate appearance of REM sleep and non-REM sleep can maintain a certain temperature in the brain without excessive.

  Children’s dream animals, adult dreams, we are all born dreamers.

This sentence means that we can dream without learning, not that we dream when we are born or even when we have a fetus.

Although REM sleep is almost all the time in the mortality cycle, and REM sleep is long in childhood, scientists believe that the reason for the long REM sleep is to stimulate brain development, not dreaming.

Children dream more about animals than adults, and often dream of being chased by animals rather than hunting them.

Children’s dreams have more fantasy colors, and more elements of human dream reality are introduced.

Adults’ dreams are often full of sex. It is interesting that when dreaming about sex, they often dream of people who they do not like or have conflicts with.

Two-thirds of men dream of men are men, and women each half.

Men’s dreams are more physically aggressive, such as dreaming about chasing, hitting, destroying, stealing or killing.

Women often dream of weddings, but often dream of antique weddings with the wrong people in a wrong church.

  What is the role of Dream to launch the “Emergency Alarm System” dream?

Although I often hear dreams of winning numbers, dreams of exams the next day, or anecdotes that survived a plane crash and survived, but when it comes to dreams divining the future, predicting the natural sounds like a myth.

Leaving aside supernatural phenomena, dreams do have unique uses!

For example, some people think that dreaming can help the brain exercise its own “emergency alarm system”. A mother dreams that she lost her child. She is actually rehearsing how this should happen if this happens.

There is also evidence that dreaming can help learning, for example, dreaming that doing gymnastic exercises helps to learn that movement in reality.

Many artists and scientists also claim to have received some inspiration from their dreams.

Dreams also help relieve stress.

Some people surveyed men and women after divorce, and found that those “dreamers” who have vivid dreams and rich plots are not prone to depression.

Psychotherapists still analyze dreams to discover patients’ subconscious emotions and feelings.

Psychotherapists call dreams a back door into the patient’s mind, and they use the dream to find the knot of the wounded patient.

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