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Anti-age spell

Mild ladies, are you anti-aging today?

Don’t think that when you are young, you will not be accustomed to aging. In fact, after 25 years of age, the anti-aging project will officially start. Prevent skin aging as soon as possible. After making an appointment for 10 years, you will win the school flower of that year!

  Which organ of the whole body is aging?

The answer is skin!

From birth, the skin begins to experience aging such as pigmentation and loss of gloss.

But when did you first intensify the incident?

Was it the first wrinkle in the mirror, or did the neighbor kid start calling you “Auntie”?

  As for anti-aging, we still have many prejudices, always thinking that we don’t need them without wrinkles.

In fact, it can only be prevented and difficult to treat. Only from now on, at the reunion 10 years later, you will have the chance to win the school flower of the year!

  After 25 years of age, we must strictly guard against aging invasion!

  Our skin reached its best condition in its 20s. However, after 25 years of age, it acts as a “scaffold” in human skin. The factors that maintain the skin’s elasticity and deep moisturizing collagen synthesis begin to slowly decrease.Its activity is gradually decreasing, which means that skin aging has begun unknowingly. Therefore, anti-aging skin care should start from the age of 25.

  How to judge that you have begun to benefit from aging?

Quite simply, when you have signs of fine lines, small wrinkles, dark spots, dry face, and muscle relaxation, it is time to start fighting.

25 years old, at a time when cell metabolism gradually descended from the peak, tanned, and spotted, and did not return for a long time. The excess belly became more and more difficult to dissipate, and even the long rate became slow.

The cruel truth?

That’s right!

You have quickly entered aging!

  For Asian women, rigorous preventive fracture prevention measures, facial aging manifestations are fine lines, wrinkles, dull complexion, spots, large pores, tarnishing, rough skin and lack of elasticity.

In addition to the factors of age, the main causes of skin aging come from the five major omissions of women in skin care: excessive sunbathing, smoking, incorrect sleeping positions, repeated exposure to dirty air, and wrong careWay, etc.

  Hydration: Sebum secretion is greatly reduced, you need to add water instead of oil.

The amount of sebum secretion is greatly reduced, and the water is becoming more and more unretainable!

But the skin does not need a lot of oil, pay attention to hydrating, lock action.

  Protection: Daytime sun protection + repair, comprehensive anti-gambling free radicals!

In addition to blocking UV rays, choose sunscreen with repair ingredients to block the daytime damage from smoke and dust.

  Break through the 30-year-old mark, turn the defense to attack and actively fight against the old age no matter how actively prevent it, when you break through the 30-year-old mark, you still need to advance your resistance!

Some older girls may even ask, “It ‘s only 30 years old to start fighting against the elderly. Is it too late?

“Thanks to the advanced technology of skin care products, as long as your current skin condition is not too bad, now you start to intensify your attack and protection, it is still possible to go back young!

  Actively fight against coarse grain supplements: supplement collagen, elastin production.

It is not enough to replenish water and oil. Collagen supplementation is the most effective anti-aging action!

  Step 1: Use your thumb and index finger to pinch your chin. The thumb can be compressed slightly.

  Step 2: Gently pull it under the ear, block the thumb behind the ear 3 times, and repeat 3 times.

  Step 3: Place your thumb on the cheekbones and pinch your cheeks with your index finger and thumb.

  Step4: Slide your index finger towards the temple and draw a U-shape to pull up the cheek muscles.

  Good word of mouth anti-aging products recommended: 1, Helena eye base essence cream Reference price: ¥ 1080.

0 / 20ml Product introduction: The new HR Helena Eye Base Essence Milk Extract is the most effective anti-aging active ingredient. Through innovative transformation technology, it fully replenishes the vital energy required by the skin around the eyes and challenges the natural law of time passing!

  Recommended reason: I feel that using the base liquid, the beauty ingredients can quickly penetrate into the skin!

So for MMs over 25 years old, one more step of skin care will really improve the effect!

  2, Julie Kou herbal regeneration essence reference price: ¥ 730.0 / 30ml Product Description: Light and thin layer, contains powerful repairing herbal essence.

Combining the vitality of roses, elderberry’s vitality, rosehip oil, evening primrose oil and other precious aromatherapy oil ingredients.

Accelerate blood circulation, comprehensively repair and activate skin cells, promote cell regeneration, and help skin restore elasticity and gloss.

Immediately enhances skin’s moisturization and lasts moisture.

Strengthens skin, fights skin oxidation and aging.

Firming, repairing, soft, shiny and even skin tone.

  Recommended reason: It is very light and thin on the whole body, and it is easy to absorb. It feels like the essence disappears after a short time.

And the faint fragrance is also very attractive!

  3, L’Oreal Paris Rejuvenating Face and Neck Modeling Cream Price: ¥ 220.

0 / 50ml Product introduction: Contains 2 times elastin and active fibrin, strengthen the fiber first, repair the elastic fiber network, and then improve from the surface, improve sagging parts, skin is firmer, wrinkles fade, face contour is reshaped, likeThe lines are woven again!

  Recommended reason: After use, it can tighten the loose skin on the face and restore the skin’s firmness. It also has the effect of removing wrinkles.

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