White Hart approached the town

Big Year, sunny, we went to the White Hart family town.    White Deer town about sixty kilometers from Chengdu, located in the mountains west of Pengzhou.Convenient transportation, tourists.    Su Jian River into the saddle, and the White Deer River, ten minutes walk will reach the town of White Deer.From afar, this is a town in western Sichuan where, oh, clearly is one of the towns and villages of southern France Well.Look tall church, exotic street.Row upon row of medieval Europe, cheerful style building that is full of gothic charm of the Millennium Saihebulang castle under the old tree.In a distant land and tell the little col magical legends.    White Deer town’s history can be traced back BC.”Huayang.Shu Zhi “contains: Shen Zhou Wang five years (316 BC) the fall of Shu Qin, Shu Wang defeat for the victims Qin.Its phase, Fu and Prince Edward retreat every village, died in White Deer Hill, enlightened’s was dead.At this point I have a trace of thoughts off-topic: No cutting Shu Qin, there will be no later Qin Prefecture Li Bing cut Dujiangyan.No Dujiangyan, there is no rich products Woyeqianli West Sichuan Plain.Zheng drainage is not irrigated Guanzhong Plain and Dujiangyan irrigation of West Sichuan Plain, but where hundreds of thousands of Qin Tiejun; where’s the Qin Dynasty unified China.    White Deer town was built in the Qing Emperor Qianlong.”Court Street trading three thousand kinds, reading one million farming along the river.”” Out of the military circles, go to the foreign.”It can be seen from the above couplet flourished historic character of the town.But the real town to leave White Hart cultural relics that this ancient town and French culture, recalled the episode.    1860, French missionary Hong Canton Chuaizhe Bible marching romantic, came to the foot of White Deer.And in this area to build churches, sermons doubts.Founded in 1895 in White Deer River Bai Lufeng Theological Seminary, (Convent of the Annunciation and Immaculate College) locally known as the College and at the College.In Bai Lufeng 2.5 km away from the town, the next academy on the opposite side of the academy in the town of White Deer River.    Inspired by the warm winter sun, we came to the Bai Lufeng.White Deer River, away from the high hundred meters wide slope table, a magnificent, mysterious cathedral building, extraordinarily bright.This is locally known as the Academy, which is the training seminary clergy (the Annunciation Convent).    The grand academy we see now, is not on the academy a century after Cangsang.But after “5.12 “after the earthquake destroyed the State Cultural Relics Administration to spend forty million heavily, repair old as recover the College.It Cangsang full, but full of vitality.    Cangsang the academy this century, it is a typical brick building.Founded in 1895, completed in 1908, the construction of which lasted thirteen years.In the year you may want inaccessible situation, how much material, financial and human resources to consume.Presented in front of the building, completely fusion of Chinese and Western architectural art architectural art highly.To church and hospital doors to the axis, the overall layout of the courtyard of the two symmetrical, which is won the Chinese art of architecture essentials.The whole architectural style, is pure French style of the early church building.For example, the academy’s main building churches, is completely in accordance with the shape of the construction of Notre Dame.That thorn sky high spiers; cylindrical roll-top church arch structure; that narrow strip of stained glass windows, are you telling the mysterious French religious culture.    The front of the church is the altar, the Festival Hall and rooms composed into a Latin cross.This style is a fusion of medieval Roman church completely and Gothic architecture.Volume circular arch doorway; daisy petal-shaped transparent window; symmetrical on both sides of the doorway elegant moldings, are all presented in French culture and art of beauty.Into the church, immediately I felt the mysterious and solemn atmosphere.From that narrow stained glass windows and chrysanthemum petals of light shone through the window, it looked so soft and so hazy.When the light invasion in the body of the cross of Jesus, it seems that solidified the air a little heavy.Look at the walls of the church, because it is repairing the old old, part new Buxiu shine; and the old walls but everywhere mottled old.In the old and the new junction of the wall, leaving a very clear minor groove.This design built implication is obvious, is to the vicissitudes of years here left a deeper imprint.    College fancy a distance from the front, the visual impact of a stronger integration of Chinese and Western architectural art.That a large portion of higher church steeples, the sun shining winter extraordinarily confident.And that solemn courtyard symmetrical structure; the same as the godfather wearing a black cloak roof, covered by the small tiles on Chuanximinju style.It is not the Chinese traditional painting eloquent beauty.The front two-story gallery, the neat rows of chic round arched openings, to see that this is a European style.Especially from a step ladder upstairs to the second floor of the structure, we can see the different East-West cultural differences and aesthetic appeal.China step ladder design generally, step ladder handrails either splay, or symmetrical side by side, in the middle of the ladder step paved.And the academy this step ladder design is full of exotic taste.Viewed from the side, a ship landed, did not bow in the building, on both sides of the ship is the step ladder handrails.A smaller boat in ship landed in the boat tip and two side is the step ladder inside the armrest.That step ladder handrails elegant parabola great tension, so that you never forget long aftertaste.    Step ladder and to progress along the building, and that several hundreds of rooms surprised me.Intermediate channel light becomes dark some, but on both sides of the room lighting is good.Maybe this building used to live hundreds of people, once they have all left in this space in the.Do not believe you listen to, like a hundred years ago the priest solemn footsteps, is coming from that side of the corridor.Foreigners corridor from time to time heard footsteps running of the students, and occasionally heard the voice say no standard Chinese.    Under opposite Academy in White Deer River.White Deer remaining period of the Sino-French Friendship Bridge on the River, the locals call it Jinqiao.This bridge in 1893 by French missionaries fish Xia Song design and construction, is next to the academy must pass through the road.Bridge more than thirty meters long, four meters wide, about five meters high arches.Earthquake destroyed half of the double-arch bridge, the other half remaining arch, where back at a century of vicissitudes alone.Here I took a photo of the bridge residue, micro letter to a friend.Residual bridge took up more than half of the entire screen, leaving the real visual space, only that the remaining arched bridge opening and ruin of that half-bridge.I stayed in the photo below this sentence: I have an hour to finish the French missionaries a century relics here, time and space where the fracture.Can we break through time and space, this beautiful heritage brought it forever.    Under Academy (Immaculate College) has ceased to exist, removed in 1978.Here we built a nine-year schools, destroyed in 2008 earthquake.Earthquake There is a phenomenon, make sure you read the amazing wow.Two parallel rows of school buildings center aisle, exactly LONGMENSHAN fault line.After school buildings earthquake newly built foundation raised three meters, the entire building unscathed as good as new.Teaching across the floor, still in place, but serious damage have become dangerous.Built here at the College Earthquake Museum, it can be considered historical relics left behind a bar.    A hundred years ago, the French missionaries in White Deer gather their elite mountain.Brought Western astronomy, geography, the calendar philosophy, literature and art, aims to promote their new world view and values.Their culture quickly melt into the vast breadth of Chinese civilization, placid.Just as two thousand years, the Chinese Buddhist culture into the culture as though it can not become the mainstream of Chinese culture, but they are massively enriched the Chinese culture.    White Hart approached the town, approached the Western culture had spread to the gathering, whether we feel it should be a little new.    March 12, 2014