A beautiful myth

There is an article written books, intention is a girl like this: Take a bus of the old man as old and feeble (or something else) get lost, so the performance of such a scene, take the bus of people have surrounded until the old man to ask relatives and rescue, several people for helping the old man held up at work, old man anxious moment that is not clear, but more and more good-hearted people, and took out his cell phone while scrambling to ready to hit 110, ( perhaps son) came panic, do not say thank you, we consciously go away.This is how the story ends.    I started to believe in this story, and immersed in it, because I believe that people are good, people are good deeds, because real life does a lot of good people, treat everyone as if this old man treated the same as others, one world would not ahead of schedule?But immediately the suspicion, doubt quite a long time, because I have some helpful although their side of stories, such as on a bus seat to the elderly and pregnant women, the snow comes, mutual assistance, but, uh , these are special cases and special populations, are not to lose their own interests as a precondition, does not have universal, I plunged into deep thought.    Until last year, the mother’s serious illness, which gave me a clear answer and revelation: It’s just a beautiful myth, a myth too beautiful too fake, in this day and age everyone is scrambling to rush their way to compete, not to mention late for work light the weight of the waiting list being punished, even in a hurry to make money are too too late, and how can I care for others?Have you noticed that every year the streets of the Chinese Lunar New Year when the brother of the sisters asked money which is not only not hit the table?Which has witnessed a large hospital doctor is his own pocket for the patient can not afford the medical expenses paid?Many, many beautiful legends just a myth, the myth of my life is full of reality, but misconception that myth is true, is it not sad?    But then again, the myth finally shattered, but I do not think that is not good, because I can at least find out the cause of truth and facts, and facts and truths are eternal, we have no reason to curse and resentment reality and social, on the contrary, we should reflect on, should face life.We should know, we live in this world, indeed, a little defective, dark and unfair, but of course everything is not as good as we thought, but everything is also not as bad as we imagine, in this world, there are still lilac-like friends, there are still roses like love, the campus is still heard reading aloud, the factory workshop air still boiling hot, there are still only willing to pay unrequited love, the sun still rises every day, the world is still green mountain and water, every day, many deaths and birth, although life is short, but our hearts will always be full of love sunshine, it is each of us a little seed to tomorrow and hope that we have to believe.Of course, this is the first from us ourselves, caring for every child, every respectable old man, helped each blind, treat every life, go with the mind of gratitude and love of life and treat every life, is willing to humanity has always bathe under the glow of love shine.