A light heart, a scent of ink memo

(A) last night, no wind, no rain, mist drunken Lest live up to this time.Only the dream light crop, until dusk, the scent of ink Su Jian, achievements amber time.In walking along the river and play with the fish, about the wind together, and happy escorts!Natural water, natural day, natural grass, natural flowers, natural harmony, peace and tranquility of nature, relaxing and meeting brought under the autumn sun.In walking along the river, pull breeze, carrying a light, happy heart children roam along together, just want to make happy and stay in bloom here!    Floating surplus air flap, pick a few pieces eternal landscape, subtle fragrance floating drag ray, conjugated to a Venetian, content with the window of heart.Jing Mu a chamber and keep a column Sanskrit incense, Dimei grabbing head, Wu product fleeting.Shallow silent as light, drink a cool morning.Time was removed ups and downs, even hidden, also never centrifugal feel, in light circling.Dew shallow suffix of light-ying, the first containing Dimei Appreciation Britain, gentle mind sees a few twists and turns, the wind light crumbling.    Dead of night, he came through the window cool, calm and in the darkness, no no Yi Lian.Sometimes, one person, one lamp, but also their minds joy.Lingering rain drops floral cotton, wind blowing grass language again and again, as you light heart light, setting off a dusty memory, read the best of human vicissitudes, interpretation of the share of life’s pure, dry burn my soul.PASSING Love, fantasy and innocence, to the shoulder, gently ride.In the early morning dance, trembling petals touch my heart.    At night, write to write to you an elegant scent of ink, read each other’s tranquility, as I pour you a long love, tenderness make life.Deep thoughts did not break, the situation remains the same, still edges to each other in the heart of care.Skim ray of clouds, embrace an inch of his thoughts, Yang Di through the years, vegetation humming, drunk with lingering sadness.Beyond breeze, Lonely fly, exquisitely melodious Xian Chen.    To hold a tender heart quiet, clean, soft, and moist in with a few thin silk and cool, quiet floating in the water years.Point a light heart, thinking day and night, day and night to explore.Blossom laugh at life, edge to edge to devotion, silently waiting for the heart of the coast, lost in that place, lit a light heart, illuminate tomorrow’s journey.The dead of night, his thoughts syenite, people in the quiet.Find a painless critical point, kiss dry eyes compassionate tears, hold a soft tranquility, Enron swaying….    (B) My heart is cleared of downtown, flowers withered into a poignant, tangled green ivy.Innumerable twists and turns of mind bloom flower.Carrying dream last night, listening to one who waits roots in the hearts of midnight blooming flowers, drawing near, a memo by the scent of ink, writing blue face, accompanied by Shen Yun, gorgeous silky among.World, gurgling crumbling in time, the head of the exhibition Jisi pure aura, in a dim moonlight every night.Hear the wind is the wind, watching the rain is rain, breakdown flower blossoms, fine chemicals embedded view.Leaves seems to have come from afar, such as gold like Dan, waterfall scattered in the air.I hold a lute, playing away dust, dispersed cloudy.Black hair will become gray hair, still day.Half Gambhir off the ancient stringed, wind Huang Ying went to pick eyebrows, Koike static load Bi-soluble ink, subtle fragrance Qin heart lotus tetravaccine.    To be this season the flowers fall, threw himself at night, I do not let a drunk person, a person I do not let go.Xiangpei lonely road you need to wake up as well as the dream.Do not make me a drunk, do not let me keep a person.Long midnight you need to go hand in hand, but also a long time love tomorrow.I am a breeze, I would like to flick catkins, lingering for you.I am the moon, I would like to cling cold house, you lock Yen.    May gentle, burst into the stars, the sky full of thoughts.Misty rain, a rain curtain, such as closely woven Xinyu, earnest, propped one skies.Away thinking, kiss heartache.Wan Jing water, every drop is pliant in pain, Shennian in mind, the perception that the strings of the heart.How scooped holding that intangible distressed, how stable that the swaying curtain You Meng, tears sparkling in the hundred thousand turn back.This is a kind of tolerance know?    A person, a curtain dream, and spend as partners, and flowers with language, with flowers Xiangxi, in the flower world.Yo riding fragrant breeze, the scent of ink and makes a run rain dance.Juzhan offer all kinds of Yan, Shannon Fang-Yan.Chi Shu Li Ying Chuo, wind semantic rain.Jing smell the flowers, pull the dough ray of warm air, who I drunk with flowers, worry in the night rain?Early hazy mind, fingertips lay out the gorgeous, just the tea, to the moon hours of light spill.Fragrance ten hit, misty morning fog, and even skirts are covered with flowers.Irene cut vasopressin knot, flower nuances two clean.    There dash friend asked, humble pen a book, mountains and streams were led comps writing ink, pen and ink faint, florid shallow, deep affection.Moving, swaying.Candle shadow swaying, shaking thinking, drag the idea, moved a Heartsongs.Through the dim moonlight, calm water of the night is so beautiful.Dutch Kingston, such as satin Lvqun dark enchanting, slightly twist the time, hidden feelings, hesitant.Soft flap darling, thin surplus in the branches, the wind surging.Those who build for a day of study, such as a Wang Qingquan, crystal clear quiet.Not between Angela language, any thoughts quietly into clean, run into the early morning light eyes.    A tea chase dreams, Star of shallow distress relock.Chamber Lianwai light floc deep stack, lights dedicated Lvchuang like ash.Noodles peach branches down side of the case, a tea chasing dreams.Stop drinking thousand cups infinite things, Yan exquisite shadow of no return.Cicadas from the black hair without coming drunk, to know for whom Yuk Nisang?Places your breath fragrant eliminate makeup, a tea chasing dreams.Some nostalgic, recalling step Xiaoxiang.A memo paper hearts, the distances the distance.