A rainbow rising from the sea

Most of the time in life, commonplace, apathy.Most can remember are those related events can touch their own visual acuity and sentimental soul.    That night of sleep, dark night skies are busy, while tinker fan blowing bursts of wind whistling, while instigating rain kept pouring crashed.Cross wind and rain, little rain fell, a night’s sleep was forced to complete a night like this.Early morning, the wind actually eliminate the rain stopped, big flower big flower inky clouds drift slowly in the sky, swimming, grazing cattle herd is like the horizon, is spectacular.    The following is a sea of clouds, with only a Hong Kong across the sea inland sea.Not endless, yet a good sunny day, you can vaguely see the other side of the scene.And look out of my sight at the moment, it is the inland sea and the mouth of the Pearl River Interchange – Lingdingyang.    While held in the Southern Song Dynasty poet Wen Tianxiang, a day when the ship has been Ling Ding Ling Ding had had a poem: “a hard hit from the economic, arms sparse star four weeks.A broken Piaoxu wind, rain Ping life experience, drifting.Fear beachhead say fear, Lingding foreign sigh in Lingding.Everyone must die, to retain loyalty according to annals “.Of course, this is not depicted Lingdingyang poetry, but at that time the poet lament their own life experience of the environment.    Had never been seen casually looked up and looked out of the window, standing in front of an instant spectacle: a rainbow like a not yet completed the erection of the bridge fell on the sea, pitched into the sea, one against the sky.It is painted?It is a dream?Fear of wrong, hard dough eyes, is clearly in front of scenery!    Free eye afraid, afraid of fleeting, like the illusory dream, upon waking up, then close your eyes straining hard to grasp, often empty.Even have a chance to pick up a camera, and quickly took out his cell phone, but can not find the need to zoom in on a half-day of a button.Continuously press a few, only you can zoom in on the screen with your finger to see before.Some know the landscape, only suitable memory.With the heart to shoot with a camera to record more meaningful than.    See the moment, an upsurge Kuangyong want to cheer, want to cry, I want to instantly share with others.But knowing that this is his class in the morning rush, most people are still asleep, so I had to read to abruptly back pressure.Just a little while, the disappearance fantasy.That secret seen the spectacle, became the heart.    Four Seasons scenery as long as the change of seasons will see the.Such wonders how many years of anticipation, many years of waiting, how much should we experience what happens in life, how generous count ah, meet with them before, docking.    Hours rainbow is seen in the frame grass green ridge of gone past few years, meet again with the rainbow, it was actually on the sea.    It opened in the human heart the rainbow is how are we doing?    Hulan Cheng Zhang Ailing first met, I believe that time has given a rainbow, from leisurely across her mind, she or else how can a “reluctant low to the dust, while the heart is full of joy, from the dust out of flowers” mean.    Jose San Mao and love, like a beautiful rainbow in the sky Sahara bloom, brilliant and bright.How many people make envy, longing, ended Shiyou so how many people sighed, sigh.    Hong Yang Zhi and its magnificent gorgeous people, attention, always remember.    Columbus discovered the New World, like a rainbow, which opened a spectacle of maritime history.Edison invented the electric light, like a rainbow, so that humanity from darkness to light from.Book of like a rainbow, the most brilliant achievements of Chinese poetry beginning.Graceful elegance of poetry is a rainbow, a model of the ancient civilization of the human spirit indelible.Li Bai and with very romantic expression, has become an outstanding example of a generation of Romantic poets..    I do not know if everyone under the sun had witnessed the rainbow, but I know that every human heart will certainly have had a rainbow, too gorgeous, too shine.Just because of rainbow gorgeous too short, and life is too lengthy flat Syria, people are likely to forget nothing.