Acacia one hundred poems, this is the world’s most beautiful love words

Acacia one hundred poems, which is the world’s most beautiful love, then 1, wide pine does not regret, to eliminate the Iraqi people languish.- Liu Yong “Feng Qiwu” 2, and death deed wide, and the child into that.Hold your hand, and grow old.- Anonymous “Book of Bei Feng drum” 3, a long long time if the two conditions, a blessing in the day and night.- Guan “Magpie Fairies” 4 Acacia meet know what day?At this time this night embarrassed.- Li Bai “three five seven words” 5, there is beauty Come, see’s not forget, day not seeing Come, think of them like crazy.- Anonymous “Search · Qin Ge” 6, the river surging never break, like my tears of thousands of lines every night.- Markov three small “grievances” 7 Acacia into my door, know I missed her greatly, Sauvignon Blanc looks Yi Xi, Xi Acacia infinite very short.- Li Bai “three five seven words” 8 experience of life difficult for water Gorges cloud.- Yuan Zhen “from thinking five of its four” 9, Junruo Yang Road dust, concubine if the cloud of cement, drifting different situation, when the harmonic convergence?- Cao Zhi, “the moon rise” 10, after the two should do the same miserable, complain the most are very clear in the next month.- Nalanxingde “Beautiful Lady Yu” 11 Jun also Pearl, tears down, when we’d meet, never married.- Zhang Ji, “virtuous Yin” 12, sentient empty tears spring to fall, but l missed the ancient incense.- Markov three small “non-heart meaning” 13, with only sigh shadow line world, how different life with death?- Chen Heng Ke “title Chun Yee portrait” 14 Acacia Acacia bottom says, think Lang Lang Lang hate I do not know.- Liang, “Taiwan Bamboo Branch” from the king of the 15 men, and mirror dark dead.Exposition of water, where there is poor when.- Xu dry “room thinking” 16 meet as seen fight, love does not seem like heartless.- Sima Light “Xijiangyue” 17, Fallen flowers are not heartless things, into Chunni more quadrangle.- Gong Zizhen “Yi Hai Miscellaneous Poems” 18 days is not old, difficult to absolutely love.Heart like dual screen, there Chien knot.- Zhang Xian “Qianqiu Sui” 19, non-stars like this last night, whom wind Lu Li Zhong Xiao.- Huang Jingren “Qi Huai Shi two-one” 20, Acacia straight up no good, no harm is clear melancholy mad.- Yin “Untitled their six-three” 21 know are in love long in, Chang Wang Jiang heads the river sound.- Yin “Muqiu Qujiang travel alone” 22, who love to passionate thinned, now not really a sentimental.- Nalanxingde “stand broken Huan Xisha” 23, Remembrance into, but was already casting haze of confusion.- Yin “Zither” 24 Acacia night stand how much the angle horizon is not long.- Zhang Zhong Su, “Swallow House” 25, ask the world, what is love, direct teaching Shengsixiangxu.- Yuan “Mo Yuer two-one” 26, body phoenix Flying wing minds think alike.- Yin “Untitled” 27 animals furnace Shen hookah, Tsui marsh stray piece, line by line written biography Acacia.- Zhang long time, “Cypriot Hong Autumn” 28 Acacia his life will not, will Acacia, Acacia will be harmful.- Xu re-thinking “Zhegui Ling” 29 Acacia ten million inch thread, not an arrangement at the world.- LI Guan “Butterflies” 30 years of life and death, does not consider, since the memorable, Trinidad solitary graves, Nowhere bleak.- Su Shi, “Jiang Chengzi” 31, Jinxi He Xi, Seeing beloved.- Anonymous “Book of Tang Feng Credit Shield” 32, forever and sometimes do, sorrow was everlasting.- Bai “Everlasting Regret” 33 In days like to make pair of lovebirds, trees with branches to the ground.- Bai “Everlasting Regret” 34 tear-chien Kam overlapping words, life is only difficult in death.- Wen Tingshi “Butterflies” 35, is a Langzhong Court cents Pa, one is flawless jade.If we say no Romance, sympathetic Crackdown his life; if that there Romance, how to end their minds empty words?- Cao Xueqin’s “Drawn Brows” 36 Till death do us part, wax torch ashes tears dry.- Yin “Untitled” 37, he was born there infatuated as Mo, human landless Acacia.- Zhou Yi “by word Huanxisha” 38, before the statue of the proposed return date that is not the first language Chun Yung miserable pharynx.- Ouyang Xiu ‘Yu Louchun “39, customs cock sing, in the River Island.Yo Tiao lady, Marty.- “Book of Zhou Nan Guan Ju” 40, life would have a infatuated, sorrow was not related to the wind and the moon.- Xiu “Yu Louchun” 41, wine turbidity Heart drunk cold, not to tear the first dip worry War.- Markov three small “drinking drunk fool” 42, only willing Jun heart like my heart will live Acacia Italy.- Li Zhiyi “Divination” 43, Petals were independent, light rain Yan Flying.- Similarities “Linjiangxian two-Second” 44 Poor bone no fixed river, still is Chungui Meng Azeri.- Chen Tao “Longxi line” 45, daughter buy a vertical phase, such as Fu, tenderness in this situation who is v..- ji “Mo Yuer” 46 plane trees, Midnight Rain, no road from the situation being bitter.A leaf, cries, empty stage dripping out.- Wen Ting-yun “more funnel three · Third,” 47, married and the husband and wife, no doubt loving two.- Su Wu “couples to knot hair” 48, find dreams, dream come into.Who knows I love the status at this time.Pillow former co tears before the curtain of rain, every child a window dripping out.- Nie Shengqiong “Partridge day” 49, who with a lonely v..Introduction count, the total negative light.- Liu Yong “day and night music” 50 Tianchang far-soul fly bitter road, less than Menghun Guanshan difficult, Sauvignon Blanc, destroy the heart and liver.- “Li Bai Sauvignon Blanc two-one” 51, not because may change, I would not say the beautiful oath, not because of the separation might be, will not dare to seek a cordial encounter.- Xi Murong “imprint” 52, such as Xing Jun moon I would like, every night bringing a streamer phase.- Fan Chengda “car distant articles” 53 Fish Chen Yan Yao Wandering Road, before parting letter of human suffering.- Dai Shulun “Acacia song” 54, doubted see tears in their eyes, even Yuning choke.- Liu Yong, “Yue Ling Ling” 55, silly pictures remorse late, heartbroken never forget this life edge.- Markov little three “IV contains fleeting,” 56, for my heart for your heart, Shi Zhi Yi dark phase.Gu Xiong, “v. Passions” 57 Yijun heart like the West River, east no rest day and night -.- Yu Xuanji “Jiangling worry look there send” 58, Chun Mo spent a total war hair, an inch of Acacia inch of ash.- Yin “Untitled their six-six” 59 Acacia deep as the sea, the old things such as days away.- Yue Yuen “Divination” 60, with waves of hate letter, lovesickness Shijue non-deep sea.- Bai “Gold and Sand” 61 dice An exquisite red beans, Such is Life Acacia know I do not know?- Wen Ting-yun “willow leaves” 62 forbearance to reward daughter laugh?After all, Acacia, not like a good meet.- Shao Rui Peng “Butterflies” 63, when the angle finite horizon, only endless at Acacia.- Yan Shu, “Yu Louchun” 64, all Road is a Dream, I had only wood and stone before the Union.Empty in front, Crystal Hermit snow; eventually forget, the world outside Xian Shu lonely forest.- Cao Xueqin’s “Lifelong” 65 Nights mind pity, tears in their eyes to the dawn.- Markov three small “do not go in Iraq,” 66, drops of blood and tears throw different Acacia red beans, full of flowers in endless painting Spring Willow House.- Cao Xueqin “red words” 67, asked the flower in silence tears, Luanhong fly swing.- Ouyang Xiu, “Dielianhua two-one” 68, thin film according to youthful self-pity, pity me, I care to be Qing Qing.- Feng Xiaoqing “resentment” 69, Chung afraid to love with the idea.Hope Long Beach, grass make hearts.Moving worry Yin, blue sky deaths, two hard to find.- Yizun “high balcony” If you ask 70 leisure all dash?Ichikawa tobacco, the city is Feng Xu, yellow plum when the rain.- He cast, “Wang Tong Road,” 71, passionate Court only spring months, according to Utah for the falling away from the people.- Zhang bleeding “bailee” 72 bonus Lang Yi bad like Italy, like Lennon worry unlimited water.- Liu Yuxi “Bamboo Branch four-Second” 73, intended to make the empty cup to spend quiet, months, never to be reborn.- Markov three little “Life must” 74 moon-storey Hugh Du Yi, wine into the feeling of sadness, tears turned into Acacia.- Fan Chung-yen, “Su Muzhe” 75, Si Jun, such as Ming Zhu, fried heart and the title of tears.- Chen Shuda “from the king of the carry on,” 76, Health when the complex to go dead when the Sauvignon Blanc.- Su Wu “knot hair as husband and wife” 77, Hugh made no multiple paper half, Wan Gok sadness to make anti-Tam.- Chen Peng sister, “to the outer two-Second” 78, Xu Shan long concubine like in the eye, such as stone Buddha in this mood Lang.- Yizun “Yuanyang Lake Boating Song” 79, I wonder if the soul has been broken, it takes a dream hand in hand.Apart from the horizon months, no one knows.- Wei Zhuang “Female crest two-one” 80, concentric and away from home, sad to his home.- Anonymous “River of mining hibiscus” 81, Yilianyoumeng Night Moon, spring miles tenderness.- Guan “863 sub” 82, from the other, the memories come across, several times with the king of the same Hunmeng.- Similarities “Partridge days three-one” 83, since ancient times sentimental farewell injuries.More nakan, cold clear autumn festival.- Liu Yong, “Yue Ling Ling” 84, does not like sentimental relentless pain, but also into Qianwan Lv inch.- Yan Shu, “Yu Louchun” 85, accompanied by candle shadow oblique Huang heart, and read forgotten king has no beauty?- Markov three little “Rain worry cool” 86, do not sound book must be six months old, an inch away from the intestinal ten million knot.- Wei Zhuang “should be everlasting,” 87 Acacia night plum hair, suddenly to the window Jun suspected.- Lu with the “gift horse” 88, a straight edge ruler sense of loving a review, so I’m crying for a long Shanshan.- Lu with the “upstairs daughter song” 89 Acacia is no proof of this language, Mo to Hua Jian fee tear line.- Similarities “Partridge days three · Secondly,” 90, of infinite sadness getting further away, such as spring water constantly span.- Ouyang Xiu, “Tasha Hang” 91, if no Lihen teach fundus, do not believe the world is bald.- Ji “Partridge day” 92, open Hong Meng, who will kind of situation?Only for the love affair Everlasting.- Cao Xueqin’s “Dream of Red Mansions primer” 93, the moon are not fluent Lihen bitter, oblique light to wear Zhu Xiao households.- of Yan “Magpie Tap Chi” 94, attentive resend parting words, word has two knew oath.- Bai “Everlasting Regret” 95 Tears longitudinal able eventually trace, language more difficult to send anti-free words.When Chen Duansheng “send outside” 96, also a bowl qing relentless tears, hate not meet shave -.- Comments “Story of Poetry,” 97, day two Acacia, King and haggard and exhausted, when flowers.- Wen Ting-yun “TUNE four-Second” 98, Chaomu Acacia hearts around, the only worry leading edge to make written off.- Markov three little “read Girl” 99, Lihen are like spring grass, but the line farther still students.- Li Yu, “Qing Pingle” 100 geese in the clouds fish in the water, melancholy of this situation difficult to send.- Yan “Qingping Le two-Second”