Also is an outstanding heritage

At an early age, I always feel that everyone paying as much effort, then the result will be the same.Gradually, I know, not necessarily, if say, we were not good people at the very beginning, maybe we have to pay a lot.  But it is like this, so people say, if you want a good child, a generation destined to abandon life.    Many years ago, at that time, there asked me, after going to do.I said, later going to do a little business, I like that.The man said, no money how to do business that way.This sentence, most of the years I started listening a little dissatisfied.  I have been thinking mind, no money how to do business.It is from no money up.I later learned that I was wrong.    In fact, at that time, I really do not think there should be that way, maybe he is the kind of idea.  I should ask him, yes, no money to do how to do business that way.Maybe he did teach me.But whether or not I teach I teach, the latter two will certainly be different, and in my score in his eyes, or at least a plus.  Because at that time I asked the man very rich, rich man’s idea certainly is not the same.    At home, Dad often speak with his brother’s word, it must be used with people who could read a little better.Do not just want to play every day, just want to go for a day where.Since that time, he will play with his brother, every day thinking about playing.  Dad also concluded, that is sure to help back the burden of powerful people, and do not help poor people consigliere.    , It is from our point of view together with good people, even if we have not become good.  With no good people together, even if we are okay, it also becomes mediocre.    In fact, people are really people, but also through a lot, so we know a lot of small details.If look at a person unless he is really too low-key, or chat with him, he is wearing clothes, we probably can see how they.  The family has no money, or how, or what to do.Because the kind of elegance, the kind of temperament, not learn.    Speaking of this, I think just graduated when renting an apartment, a lot of people rent an apartment, always like to rent cheap.So some people rent a house noisy noisy, or many individuals together in a.And I always like comfortable.  Even if the price of your point, but because they live comfortably, so would prefer a little more money, in fact, not much more.    Later bought the house.Others mean that we must buy their own design, own decoration.And I was like second homes, like a wealthy family to sell the kind of second-hand housing.The point is that feng shui will be good, we say, but I’m not.  Because they have money, so they had designed the house are very reasonable, the decoration is also very good, with furniture brands.  To design our own, I admit, I am sure it is impossible to design so well, did not it time decoration.    Because, even if they are a curtain, must engage brand.  They are not even engage in the corridor is hot, because then the winter vegetables are.And I would never have thought, even though the thought of trouble, and it certainly can not do it.So, Fuzhou good play with a few friends, they all say outsourcing.  They also never own a house decoration, anyway, let others renovated, how much money money.    So, good people there are excellent, whether it is dealing with others, or buy all sorts of things.Chat with them, talk about the price, they will not let that is not, and will not care about.Anyway, it is almost on the line.  Perhaps, if we talk to them to know under.Under the business cooperation next time, maybe a suite earn the money.  Therefore, we must know how to play with those good people because good people where are excellent.    One story says, there is a single mother with a child, he was Maishao Bing.Originally earn not much, but he always have to find a way to move into better quarters, and often free biscuits to help him give the district where the people, so he good karma.  So the district where people will always help them, but also help his business advice.But he will always listen, do.    So his business will gradually getting better and better.Like every time, such as he moved into the area from the well-off that university teachers live in the kind of community when.Many well-off district just as he had advised his friend as.  Or not to move into that good community, and I heard that there’s ferocious security, where people are selfish and unfriendly.  But he moved, with his imagination, like, where people more friendly, more atmosphere, more motivated.  He is still free to give them biscuits, they help him out better attention.Above all, in the end, his children became a listed company’s chairman.Excellent really is a tradition, not only is passed to the next generation, it will be passed to the people around.    Whether we choose to accept or not to accept, people around us is like this.  Those already excellent family than we are, because there are better learning conditions.As long as they pay the same effort with us, then their results are a lot better than a lot of us.Even almost, they make money at, will go.  Therefore, they are also destined to go a different life.Do not think of them only know how to spend money, they actually know a lot.    In the group chat, can feel this, because a lot of the group boss boss.  They themselves are very good, but their child is good at reading, good will heritage.    For example, our group in the mop sister, she’s doing great factory.Her daughter is also able to read her son is good at reading.For example, her daughter puppy love.She knows the right way to guide his son to play the game, but also guide.  If others do not understand, it is estimated to be puppy love smacking, estimates put the computer to play games torn down, or do not buy computer.  So not the same person, because the height of the station they do not like anything to see are not the same.    So we look at those good people, more often than not he was a good man, his whole family is all good.  The whole family is good, only that gene, trained many outstanding people.Maybe a lot of time, we will be thinking, I look at this world, though his family was not a lot of people, but also to do well behind.  The right, but not the same as the probability that.More people are still doing a good job.Do good are especially lucky.  Of course, the more work, the more happiness, in any case, we certainly can not give up their own efforts.    In ancient times, a lot of official position is hereditary.In fact, modern, a lot of wealth are also hereditary.  Even many honors are hereditary.Because they are excellent, and more excellent probability that.    Very powerful Curie, Marie Curie is also very powerful, but their two daughters, is quite powerful.Two daughters-in-law are also looking for two very powerful.Therefore, the flaming nest and everyone is very good, already occupied resources.  So we see, a lot of master’s son, grandson, is the master.Star children is still a star.    So why when the beginning of the article said that if you want a good child, destined to abandon the generation of life.In fact, the original words like this, he said, cultivate a good child for at least three generations, at least a generation to abandon life.  Due to the counter-attack, only to leave no stone unturned in going up.Only go up, and the next generation will be more resources.  There are resources, and trained the next generation will be better.Because it would be a good tradition.  Our own good, and people around us will be better.Because that kind of atmosphere will be another gene transfer.  My QQ / micro-channel: 838 504 315, welcome to add.