At first glance Chongqing

Heart already want to go to a good future of the city, but not in Chongqing, but accidentally test here, just let the city into my eyes.    For the first time away from home to go to the field, the distance did not seem to have much interest.Off-site school just a short stay, I will eventually return to me to support my piece of land.The train was eight pm beginning from Xi’an, the way heavy night, even the last one home too late to nostalgia.Night deeper, more heavy heart, why leave when always silent silence?Speeding train all the way, took me full of thoughts leave.Through the Qinling Mountains, ran across Bashan, the southern city tunnel is a gift.Out of the home from the night, and found the whereabouts of this dark tunnel.    Light of morning fog across the heavy, quiet calm mountain land.How to ride horses on the plains bear got used to this discrimination mountain drive?Shan Shan attached, attached to the tunnel Tunnel.Air is damp, dreary heart still unable to get comfort.After the rain here today, only to see the city of moisture.Despite before too much is not happy, but this campus really fascinates me, I like the quiet, full of green quiet here; I like the fresh, green grass here is full of.Gradually, first came here to ease irritability and anxiety, more thinking to stay in the city and this campus.    University of military training is the first lesson, I want to stick down.I covered the North should be strong, I can not wait to conquer.Dream finally found shelter, I do not consciously in love with the city.If one day the city also accommodate me, I will rejoice that he is lucky.But now just entered the city, looking at a picture of unfamiliar faces, I know he still has to go a long way.Disturbed heart was gradually heal in this campus.Accompanied by the beginning of military training, I also ushered in the first class at the University of.Had already begun looking forward to a career at the moment, I lost that year, and now bring it back.    Here is the sultry night, dormitory in their respective busy.Chongqing night is a must, but I have no time to enjoy the moment, only wish this quiet time could stay for a while, I slowly recalled, until I get back.