Autumn playful

Between mid-autumn, the weather is getting cold.Last night of autumn rain, washed the blue sky, the autumn sun shines out warm from the sun through the gap between the leaves, sparse shed mottled light and shadow, peaceful, refreshing afternoon park.    Although the weekend, the park was not much.A large park area, planted with elm, willow, some trees a year, the park surrounded by trees, grass and looks very strong, looking ahead, across the green, but this is not the summer verdant green.  Compared to the hot summer, I prefer the cool autumn, especially like drunk dyed golden, colorful autumn.Now not to the late autumn, the leaves are blowing can not see the sky flying scenery, but in front of this piece of ripe green is still my favorite color.  I trot along tree-lined paths of the park, feeling quiet and pleasant autumn, faint thoughts immersed in the autumn wind.Go to the corner of the park south, suddenly attracted to a burst of cheerful childish, followed the sound looked and saw a few little boy is in the water to catch fish.Flashbacks to childhood catch fish in the brook, I can not help but stopped, looking for a wooden chair to sit down at the water’s edge, to see the kids catch fish case.  This is an artificial pond hermitages, more open water, pond water has green, should not change the water a long time, but this can not stop the fun children play.There are several water boy looks about eight or nine, some in shorts, some holding the legs, the legs of one of the children had a great half wet, they or standing, or walking, or bending, or treading water the flowers, had a blast the.There are two hands holding small children slipping through the net Handicap size, looked around staring at the water, saw the fish swim around, and quickly put the net into the water, so repeatedly, is fishing vain fish, although his face some frustration, but still a very unwilling look.There is also a little boy in blue vest, empty little hands, would like to use a small hand picked up the fish, the fish can slip away from the hands again and again, I saw him again and again spread out, spilled water droplets small hands.The little boy’s face very persistent, nap move in the water, eyes always separated from the water, you see the fish, then quickly bent down and put his hands folded, and quickly out into the water, and thus, the hands and feet kept busy the.To those fish can be caught by hand slippery, really it is not an easy thing.I sat for half an hour in the water, the boy and several other children did not catch a fish.After a while, another boy came from across the pond, a hand holding a one meter-long window screening, one hand holding a water bottle, the bottle has a few lines, you can see the red fish child.Two people muttering words to say for a while, but also busy for a while, and finally see the fish really fishing vain, before finally climbed to.  Look at these children, I think of childhood in the stream for fish scene, the creek was clear bottomed out, not in front of the water so muddy, I could clearly see the bottom of the stone and a section small fish swimming.I have had the experience for fish by hand, then exactly the same dedication and the front of the child.Though nothing, but my heart is happy, like the sound of rushing brook, the share of good stay in the depths of memory.  On the wooden chair next to me sat a sixty-year-old, like me, with interest watching the scenery, see these circumstances, I think, what do think of the elderly?  Everyone has some childhood memories, those memories or deep or shallow, or happy or sad, though has become in the past, but today, innocent and persistent childhood, still let us deeply nostalgia and longing.