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Some of the stories suitable for burial in the depths of the soul, some heart Zhongjiu forever in the memory of the past.Those happy times, sad those lost, let it at the bottom of Pandora’s always treasure, do not hesitate, do not crash, and that yesterday’s touch of the setting sun, with the clear sky and the bleak central water falling. – Merlin Youth Story in November 2014 winter night wore on, there is a burst of cold Qifeng rustled beat it slowly, very dated bend cool, quiet place bathed in a pure, Merlin’s heart suddenly on this night frost increasingly tight son, inexplicable desolation.Some people say that life is so, come and go without care.However, twenty-seven, I look back this bright flower fleeting, actually I feel Liuniansishui, struggle, hard work, snagging wipe down the red lotus shadow, whether love-hate Melancholy genuineness belong to me?Years bright as fireworks, always gradually die after getting off the ultimate bloom, fade away together, and certainly there are those who belong to tie him to life simply never have had.Suddenly twenty-seven, I grew up afraid, afraid of the Wind looks lost, fear gradually frail body, and even more afraid of loss of memory, if the feelings gradually pulled out in my mind, life and what else have it?In my inner world, full of hoping that a weak heart, sorrow filling for the future and think fondly care.End of life, I actually I squander time for the cause, with the exception of a live lost his wonderful.There is no dust settles after all who, may I, Merlin willing to live in her colorful memories.After the winter cold inside a twilight sleep, I think the ultimate elegant two words for the Iraqi people, but also to modify the changes, the polish and polish, only to be Merlin a dream, as you wrote this amazing life afterlife.When winter morning dawn penetrate tassels Shaman, lightly pressed into the misty mist filled the dreams, I wake up in the moment, I suddenly lost all the good ideas.Li Meilin dance the night had those words, but not in the upcoming dawn drinking unsweetened coffee and fled.Youth, as in life, those near or far, the rampage and Merlin intimate embracing soul, at this moment of Merlin, to think, to reach out to happy satisfied in his arms, spread into a layer of Meilun absolutely magic of fireworks color, love and hate are pale soul, but in the years Feng Yan, the Dunji without a trace.Smoke past, but it was through a clear sky, the flowers silent, fleeting trace of water.Now, I drown in your passing through my heart, trod full of holes, you gorgeous, instant tears Allure.Let Merlin was removed in the twenty-seven forget themselves in the network of rivers and lakes text, holding a pregnant messy from the song, write a tie-free period to Huakaihuaxie scores.    November 2014 winter night, the night wind, frost, everywhere bleak winter months it slowly, Merlin sad.As their youth, those who meet in the narrow road of modern love.Merlin sentiment, reason why the old love, as yesterday, after years of brocade, tentacles, they Liebo sound.Perhaps, it is not just because of the loss fleeting, less careful support of love, so that withered face bleak minimalist, no Live Flesh charm.More and more when it is cold because of the wind and to the coldest, is narrow with sharp contusion and hatred, is that the wind swept through the human well-being and chilly, subtle fragrance to cover up the lives of those curls warmth, so lost youth caught off guard.Sentiment years, penetration of life, it is life and life more than a lot of love and hate and resentment melancholy, such as the end of life, there is always a but not earth regret.I often perception of twenty-seven, in a wide range of human emotions neutral world, pessimistic or negative emotions more often, earthly pain we are in an almost child’s heart, some sad, chew.Red in men and women, self-deception is always clear sky, smiling always thought it would be at the heart of clean read.But the but, who, and who is?Or was in the warm winter sun, the lonely shed Tears of yesterday?In fact, all the good in life, probably a dream romantic, if the water wearing dust, smoke, such as over the shoulder, goodbye, never see, is still flowing into the sea Review.Every time really dwell on the heart, but why are those, heart pain, hurt the feelings of the decline of the old stories.Love and not love, not hate hate, Red Dust, we go all the way, all the way to oblivion seen scenery.But at the time it determined unintentional remember, the origin edge to edge revel in the gorgeous pass the corner of regret.No intention to meet once, interpreted as I, from the War, love so short, remember that long.If eternal love, clear sky.Do not as good as you are only allowed me the fish into the water like a memory, that flies in the wandering, keep all shown signs of the good, so that thousands of the situation Parting Qi Chu, was thrown to the Red lofty far beyond this world this life, FY less.Look Red rolling, the city would like Wind and Smoke.Clear sky hope, hope blossoming.Send away the road, Remote Blessing distant.Thoughts Merlin, if you let me in the mortal world, pay afterlife this life the true meaning of truth, is not it can exchange for life afterlife of staying in Zhaohuaxishi years, Hui will hurt very wrong life, no habitat sandbar cold cold branches.Gang involved in the Red Merlin, always thinking about the end of the heavy fog, if there was a sudden turn of events can be, whether there is the Intrigue, Mu a spring of joy, a dream of warm water people.Obsession with the wind, suddenly has the depth of winter, there Qifenglengyu like bleak, Mouzhong surfaced in Merlin, I love you blissful silence in the wind, it so touched surplus sleeve, gently, a lightly waved; I stand there you have the wind outlet, silently waiting for you, then silence speaks, a lonely road leading into stained your lights at Alexandra Orlando of my life.Waved his hand, you and I will not cry, silent Red flowers dream, dying years of drift.Cut a happy time, the original years of life is not accidentally lost lover.Whether all the love and hate that offer all kinds of sadness, or unwilling or worth, that journey will never forget the romantic, after all, every time sway in the wind and rain, you wait in the lonely poet I always listen to bloom the other side.When all romantic, doomed the moment the sky was clear, mind you hand control of Dust in the Wind, is my pen landscape of rivers and lakes.Gently, softly, I just alienated in that light, the remaining entangled silk thread Resentment.Water falling, hate the wind is blowing.Some had clenched hands better, I think that this may be the warm phase, but also the fate of a corner, from the two do not meet, then even if we have thousands of customs, have nowhere to say, can not read v..Said the wind had a trace, Yan went silent world, things such as smoke and dust, but after all the wind had whisked eyebrows, micro-Yang some tempting mood.And that goose to have the cloud of dust into the pupil of the eye, chest freeze is a little cinnabar.Streamer goes by, the old youth has been, I would also like to have your guarding a time, to salvage those romantic and touching memories?    In this cold winter, you want to keep, Merlin day old day by day, day day Merlin mood desolate, together with those of clear sky between you said to me, along with those among you I heard mountain stream, as overnight cup of coffee, still fragrant, fragrance radiance.Yesterday’s time perhaps too cold, a thin fingers; but my fingers today is still very wide, can not afford missing time.All in all I’m happy memories with you, still waiting for the storm once again after the perfect interpretation.Perhaps two thousand and fourteen in November after a bleak winter, the world again and again resumed its colorful wins breathtaking colors.Then I start to life for those who clank oath for all of your wonderful dream, but also in line westerly to remove all of the vines, scattered all branches, only Yumei Lin’s, as you clearly vein, engraved mind this life, even Cold Mountain winter rain, even in winter frost ling water, even in winter wind ICEFLOW, an Acacia forget.    Perception of life, penetrated the years, such as feather time, no trace of light off.Merlin’s eyes even more gorgeous in winter because of you, if there is snow, the season had already quietly slipped midwinter bright world, gorgeous, surplus knot in the cold months of winter clear brow is the end of spring.How many thousands of junctions and turns thoughts still linger in mind the sea; how many of his writings dripping resentment, still wet ink stains.The previous before, after all Cha Ziyan However, in a bleak romantic youth, the years of scattered into the blue sky, not goodbye, but see pregnant, never say goodbye, never seen, meet do not say goodbye.See also see no regrets.Yisuo storm a ride short, a dream shake their magic pillow, can not forget the early heart, is indeed shown signs; love can not forget the past, or that romantic feminine lingering.I think that place is called the Red, is where you find a quiet youth, Ruoyun pure heart, empty heart leisurely.    Youthful, I think life just as he argued that the aroma of sweet-scented osmanthus flowers, Fu Yu Qihua, Ecstasy and the enchanting, occupy every mind its close.But we knew, after midwinter, osmanthus flowers fade, life is just a shallow edge puzzle affectionate, but the mortal world of you and I still willing to fall, can not extricate themselves.The so-called deep edge of the shallow edge of the edge revel in the final analysis, only fleeting life, already everlasting one tragic time to boil water.But at the end of time, and few people can go and fellow??Flowers last forever open, eventually once dry, the flowers and the flowers fade, there is always another overnight.As the years of growth rings gorgeous, when zipping pass life, and that the end of the romantic, some people, some things will also be wind and rain and sank annihilation youth.Merlin ask you, in this clear sky years, the mentality of Yunjuanyunshu, Dankan things ups and downs in life, either in the hustle and bustle of the Red years to go, we do our own, with a true identity for the youth, keep warm from the heart!