“Beijing Love Story” – The Beijing.love.story

Beijing city old and young here carries China stretches for thousands of years of political, economic and cultural heritage.  There is also criss-crossed with a variety of young freshest ideas and trends.  There are winding alleys of old Beijing culture, laughing courtyard downtown accused of precipitating an era.  There are also numerous buildings forest Benz busy fast, fleeting fast running in to tell the speed of an era and forward.  Old Beijing playing volume of tone and color tone from all directions flow into a branch of cutting out a different kind of tune.  The city vicissitudes and cheerful vicissitudes in the evening after sunset through those years down the sink thing, the car water far as the eye neon, after all, arrived, but many people share thoughts and worry away from home.  There is a cheerful young ideal, pursuit and persistence, these soft and hard things, always in support of countless people walking to a strong high-spirited.Here it is always the best place to put all kinds of stories.  The city, with a lot of emotions and feelings, there are too many past and stories.  It is Beijing, a shining city all through the ages.A people yearning and heart of the city Qieyi; an endless joys and sorrows Words are not enough to sing the story of the city.    There are less people to pursue love it exhausted a lifetime of strength and courage?  People obsessed with it and sobering.People warm and sad feel,.  It will always be our purest thoughts need to deal with feelings.  if I get it I am lucky, but if not, it is fate.  Love gains and losses in the past, has always been the rule can not be a bar to the frame and a constant.  And the true love, we can not go in any case questioned.  So Beijing city of love, and the vicissitudes of life in this bustling staggered, in the Old and the Young interspersed so, in the end will give rise to a number of joys and sorrows with the clutch?We will always be lots to talk about undying.  In the vicissitudes of this ancient and vibrant city in.Anywhere, including Haoyu office also includes old alley corner, every corner of time and place, perhaps in a different love story played out.They ordinary and special.It is extraordinary for a huge city, they are too small.In particular, every relationship, have been unforgettable, is life’s most precious memories.  Often I think, in the end, what is the ideal of love?Perhaps this answer, too abstract, so we always find the right words to describe.Until one day, to see such a text: the romantic ideal of love, not rose, not how offensive and violent love eachother.But I loved you love me, we love each other when not owe anyone.We love the sky no haze of memory, and then went to the end of time.On the endpoint of my life, you proved my forever.  Beautiful, timeless, beautiful and such words, all along, is our pursuit.Maybe sometimes he lost his way find direction.But if one day over again, I prefer to believe, stone small Meng Shen Bing would have been holding hands, Yangzi Xi Wu Di will always stand beside Cheng Feng will be moved XIA obsession.They would hold hands and grow old.  However, this is Northern Ireland, instead of “Beijing, a winter fairy tale”, it did not give us the opportunity to continue the good continuation, in its story, the reality of how to love, how they love.  When love and bread quitting, some of them die early, some efforts to adhere to the last minute.Some lucky enough to find a place to settle down some, but can only watch it later badly beaten, waving goodbye.  It is said that love nothing more than to make you mentally to find a basis, it allows you to instantly mature wisdom.Maybe, this mature and wise, always make people so desire and obsession.Only when this love is a prefix attached on, is known as the city of love Beijing, it is often more of a wandering and considerations on pursuing.More of a consideration of loyalty and betrayal, and adhere to compromise.And go above reason, perhaps we can only be attributed to, because this place, settle down to find a little corner for love, there are so tough, even tough that will drain your life’s obsession with stick.    The story finally comes to the story.The story takes place on those “Beijing Love Story” in and played out of.  Had previously been thought, “story”, interpreted as: things have passed.  Later, I do not know what the concept of change in a moment, “story” is, perhaps should be interpreted as: those things happened in the past.  Now, talking about the story, but rather be put down those thoughts and emotions entangled in the future, to Delicate thin clouds, like speaking a place in the very old things, slowly tell.  A lot of people are wondering, those stories “Beijing love story” happened in the end is not the actor who had occurred in those things.Also included are new to this story, like me.  Only later, to see the crazy process of growth and maturity, for love to hear that once put myself in the dust XIA say a man growing up is learning to forgive and forgive mark.  They no longer want to explore, these stories take place in the end who is who.But I would prefer to believe that the story of the thing, is not that those good and insisted that as long as you believe, it really is.I prefer to believe that they are talking generation story.The story of a generation about Beijing, about youth, about dreams, about family, about friendship, about love, about growing up.  Youth, always have lots to talk about the story, like growth and love, it will always be an eternal theme, like.  After reading these stories, are still convinced that love is “I do not know the situation plays, one to the deep,” we remain convinced that the best love that I loved you in love with me, and we love when I do not owe anyone.Firmly we believe that the future growth of the power of wisdom have accompanied all the way, warm front.    PS Beijing.love.The story would like to this text, I wrote like this on Beijing, love stories.And that a “do not know the situation plays, one to the deep.”