Bluebird areas not

In the desert after a time, his eyes full of sand accumulation in the world, I love this piece of land, like a single color of desert sand and hot taste.I like camels, ostriches, and desert grass, although they look like me shabby, but no doubt they are strong.    And seeds family living in the desert, the days of tranquil comfort.Seeds one day suddenly said to me on this desert had been flying a Blue Bird, I hear a rather scornful tone, this bare place, how have things that legends do?But seeds drum with big eyes, I squinted, I seem to disdain some angry, I can only compromise, she almost could not bear to combat children’s minds, even though she was eighteen years old.For the age of seventeen and eighteen, not looking forward to stories about love is a problem.She told me that her grandfather had just seen the Blue Bird, but her grandfather is gone, it has become a unknown fan.Bluebird being talked about, seeds her mother entered the room, so there is a saying used to be, seeds grandfather had seen, kind enough to shelter it, and finally flew away, his grandfather died, was brought to the Bluebird heaven, also bless us, good life in the desert.    Hear them talk, I am dubious, how can the world Bluebird, but not ancient legends.For the dreams and hopes of sustenance, people always turned out some abstract things, in order to comfort his heart.    Blue Bird, nothing but a legend, I only saw birds in general kingfishers, crows, and the desert are not, not to mention the Blue Bird.    I see the seeds of doubt, decided to take me to the depths of the desert looking for, simply agree with her, but she could not find one to let down I would not have been talking about chatter that tell the story about the Blue Bird, I like a quiet person lying on the sand and enjoy the afternoon sun.Secondly, recently always feel stuffy and fell do not know agitated, or called Desert reaction, thinking about names are ridiculous, desert reaction.    Seeds with me, walking in the desert, this time autumn thicker, not flying sand, the wind also counted on the soft, we wear sandals Wang Qianmian rush, camels followed closely behind us, in front of it owner, inseparable, a two camels, such as sunset walks on golden sand-like, although the back alone, but the heart is very practical.    Sandstorm comes, the two of us holding the camel’s legs, thirsty to drink water bag on the camel’s body, we do not have to ride it and watched it stooped look, I really do not have the heart.    At night, we pitched a tent, the camel tied to the tent corner, watching over us, and this is the reason I like the camel, which is like a kindly old man, no matter what you do, it will not be called or run around, at least than seeds more honest.    Night, lighting up the torch, watching bits and pieces of the sky, remembering the past years old, all the way back and forth, the only place they would feel is my home, this desert exceptionally intimate, the outside world of its terrible has not occurred to me, it did not happen in the seeds and their families who have not been flooded sand, or so good living, peace of mind at night to sleep during the day and at ease playing comfort comfortable day, did not happen until one night.    Night, over the desert for a long time no change of weather suddenly surging clouds, rain seems to have come, there will be a thunder light strike lightning in the distance of desert, sand jitter, camels also uneasy, seeds grabbed my clothes, not tight put, she was a bit scared, I of course also a little scared, but would not let her bite the bullet and say nothing to worry about.Yun Chung lightning outside, a small tent in the sand that we cling to, slowly, seeds actually fell asleep, sleep is the best way to reduce the fear of.    Soon out brawl began to rain, but fortunately my tent strong enough, it took something of better quality high price, despite how much rain outside, we did not get wet.Suddenly, I heard something in the figure beat our tent, scared me a Ji Ling, wake the seeds, drowsiness, she said, to see.I let her tent zipper open, whipped the look, from the outside coming into what is a flying rain soaked the bizarre, such as the size of ducks, seeds took his flashlight lighting it, it seems to be afraid of light, plus full of mud , tired, body trembling badly, looking at its eyes light up, better fear.    It Juansu the poor body, as we were to learn.Then the eyes confrontation with seeds afraid to attack people, I think, she will not attack people, since the choice of our tent, it means fate.I used to Lile dirt on it, which is no name of a bird, really sad.    I use water to clean and organize it and found it so beautiful, feathers shining in the darkness, seeds exclaimed, “Bluebird, Bluebird we met, my God.”Seeds looked at his beautiful feathers and that water Lingling eyes, surprised speechless, shocked the bird touches.    Blue Bird looks like I do not know, do not know what only the birds, but I know it and as we come down in the desert.    We feel tired, so unwittingly fell asleep in a tent outside the rain stopped one night, rain tents impact of sand, into the water until you feel the water did not wake up, big morning, rain screeching halt, the sun shines down from the gap tent, playing in the so-called Blue Bird coat color, which reflects the colorful light, the bird was awakened, we woke up, surprisingly, the birds did not fly, it quietly guardian in the crevice, it seems to be enjoying the sun baptism.    Blue Bird seeds say that this is, I do not see what it surprising, but nice feather point, tender point.Ostrich feathers and went almost different from this, the seeds of my disdain, that I did not experience, this is a lucky bird, said to be immediately put, it will bring us good luck.For the time being kept by a good luck in your place, I hope you bring us good luck.    Bluebird air swirling in our heads a few times, and then fly back on the fall of the camel hump, camel motionless.Bluebird if its meaning and looks up at us, chirping loudly, why it sounds so miserable it?Such as the cuckoo’s sad voice in the open desert, mixed with dust on the taste of the morning, listening to a little upset feelings, which is what the sound?It really Bluebird?Somewhere that I can meet the ideal of it?Why do I hear your voice so sad?You can answer my previous life nostalgia it?I love this place, I know there must be something beckoning me, so I have been waiting here never left.    God made the occasion, Blue Bird has disappeared in the sky disappeared, had wanted to see more of it, just to make me feel bitter that crash the pent heart began to collapse.    Seeds and I received a good tent and a simple luggage, on camel body, before we went to go look for meaning is not already Bluebird, Bluebird is now recognized it, then it is right.Thing under the sun, when you decide what it is, what it is, of course, on their own terms.As at the moment and I found it was Blue Bird seeds, then it does not become an ostrich, so even if I do not know Miao completed on Bluebird.But somehow went out to meet before the end, there, think about the bird Bird goodbye, I now felt myself Blue Bird, also the sound is so bleak, seeds handed a piece of paper and asked me how, I said the eyes of the sand off.    We did not speak, wasted energy, multi-point way to go.This is the consensus reached.Camels hand, has been tightly, not afraid of camels ran away, but was very vague throbbing.    Bluebird reach of this thought, here we come, Bluebird is not, but I have stooped walk the desert and camels.Among the world quiet, my heart just thinking about the bird Bird, ran the wrong place, where sparsely populated no, you’ve come to the solution of nostalgia for me, please?But I love this place.    Forget how much time walking, forget the purpose, have forgotten the road, all the way seeds are also at a loss, desert too wide, we’re lost.    The road ahead is a piece of sand, leaving behind only their own footprints road, desert thousands of miles traveled, or not to the end, just as we crouched in despair when, in front of a cry bitter cry, right, yes bird Blue Bird, seeds excitement cried out and said that we are really lucky, maybe.    The distance, I saw the lonely bird Blue Bird, slowly walking toward us, right, yes go.I find that it has side wings broken, bumpy body, rickety, from a distance began to call us, lest we leave.Tossed it all the way in the sand, the waves roll up dust, and the crooked arc rose up tobacco, tobacco, the Blue Bird is a bird people call it lucky bird, but at the moment, so lonely, so miserable.    It flew in front of me, with the only fear that support the wings beat me, I understand what it means, it picked up gently, comfort, it was broken hearts, looking at the broken wings, I painful episodes.At the moment I have a feeling of Bluebird, I want to howl, as the first time I heard it howling like that, moaning a hoarse voice.    Hemostatic powder coated seeds aside for its wounds, it struggled for a while, I touched his head, turned, his eyes full of tears.    Bird watching only one wing, it has tears in his eyes slide down every day, hoarse voice, still crying, I put it in the camel’s back, but afraid to fall, so I put it in my arms, it struggled, I put it down and walk with our desert, and we like to do a wanderer.    Blue Bird, you should not have come to this place, do not you have it nostalgia?same as me.    We may have trouble here, sensed nostalgia, at thousands of miles, in order to find their own sorrow, but this just seems a distant dream and nothing more untrue, we go back, this will eventually allow us injured, so I want to take you back to my country.There are large areas of forest belongs to you, belongs to cradle you survive, we go back, after you have been with me, sharing weal and woe.    Hands holding a camel, ground flaps along the Blue Bird, the two.All the way out from the desert, full of sweat and bitterness.    I guess I do not need homesickness, and see your shadow, my nostalgia to light, perhaps, our eyes have each other’s shadow.    Come on, Blue Bird, I’ll take you home.Here, this is not the place Bluebird.