Cacalia dish

Cacalia dish the end of April, peach, pear, crabapple, apricot, plum, spring, etc. blooming a big wave coming to an end, poplar, willow Bai Xu, such as snow flying in the clear sky, the beauty contest count it, but and that in the end is a lot less colorful than up, thinking about this year’s blooming has ended, the land in the accumulation of Fallen flowers can not help but people may feel sad, I would like to take a delicate flower hoe, put on some “Daiyuzanghua “but some consciously hypocritical, outdated, and it fills my heart but there is always feeling empty yo.Fortunately, over tree flowers, pick up flowers on the ground, like rushing to the February Lancia.When people inadvertently, Parrotbill no smell to weave a purple dream, when Xie Tao Li Fang Fei flowers, to Spring and soul to trim and comfort, as after a mental excitement of a large, need to calm, and that combined with the elegance of lavender, creating a calm and tranquil mind most quiet.You see, I do not know what time the woods clearing, February orchid became the “hegemony” on the ground, a dream like magic purple mesh, or Zi Yan, on the ground Yunshanwuzhao swam, combined with the lush green shadow, as if Di create an elegant wonderland, yes, peach, plum, too strong columns, pear Eau too, too warm spring, the colors strong stimulus to the senses, the feelings of people in the excitement among and over time, it is inevitable visual fatigue, tired heart also.The February Lan tepid lavender, comes immortal nature, and the human mind can be the most comfortable blend. This flower just look at one, simple, no Shen Qi at its beauty, wins in more wins in momentum.Four petals in two colors, purple and white, mixed together, white, red dyed purple thick, purple without causing too much purer white.Chun Wai under the care of the trees, a large a large integration into nothingness drift indistinct Zi Yan, worrying, a gust of wind blew away the child will, indeed, spring whisk to, get this piece of purple smoke with waves up, curl Na Na, the wind around, this time in the woods is really beautiful and makes dreams, above the green leaf in the middle is the trunk, then the following is Zi Yan, then the following is green shadow, two green, sandwiched Zi Yan, another Ying said, fresher green, purple and more wind-induced.February followed the footsteps of blue, a yellow flowers on the ground sequence emerged, a film, from a from a star, a little bit, bloom bustling, full of energy, across, like the sky the stars, shadowy, dotted with empty barren land, originally Cacalia dish, similar to small yellow chrysanthemum, a little, like a sun, prettily, Huang Cheng Cheng, delicate and charming, this flower is not enough to provoke eyes, because it was too small, too common.I walked into the front of this piece of woods, silently and vegetables were grok Cacalia.I felt as if these are small yellow flowers bloom for me, only I know them, they know me, they are me and I am them.Qing Dynasty poet Yuan Mei, a poem written by two of the “moss flowers such as rice small, but also learn Vita” seems to be used to approximate description of some grass Tu’erdi. These flowers are not high up in the branches, allow people to pay their last respects, but in the long humbly obscure corner, in a humble, lonely corner, ordinary rabbit Seoul grass were prostrate on the ground, Ping Ping Ting thin stems protrude beautiful, yellow against a small sun, like a small eyes, torture you.Small yellow flower, chrysanthemum there is strength of character, it is crystal clear small petals tightly together, arrange neatly into one group harmony style, each petal is so high morale, confidence and vitality to occupy their place, do good their part, around the fine needle black flower around, everyone’s heart is so neat, we sink together, only this miraculous blooming flowers, blooming flowers from the heart.And, in between you inadvertently, come to you and give you little overwhelmed, but also when it inadvertently, quietly out of your sight, do not leave sad farewell.These wildflowers, people do not have to careful cultivation, no how privileged environment, nature is their mother, the wind where to put them to just where to take root, open space, corner, crevice, pond, rubble, corner, tree, no matter how poor place, as long as the shining spring, spring rain moisture, Cacalia grass with a sinking heart immoderation, optimistic heart out of the world of their own, the interpretation of the understanding of life and the pursuit of.As long as there is a limited hope, I wholeheartedly take root and go all out in full bloom, to complete their mission. I think these Cacalia grass symbolizes the ordinary working people, they are ordinary and great, optimistic face life in harsh environments, grow tenaciously to show attitude and unyielding pursuit of life, thought of this, I really love the these tiny, transparent clarity of small yellow flowers, think it should look better than all the flowers.