I think I went into a cage, looking forward to the TV drama Lost is invisible direction.    See upstairs to rest a bit before the piece of the fish tank, is about to become a piece of food on the fire at a moment when the grass carp.When I use the word “food” when, at the moment my heart is so pain so the pain.I also know that not counting fish eaten in my teeth, which means I can not count life came to an end here.    The fish is large, compared to the tank looked so small that it can hardly stand up and wander.These days I see it white belly exposed above I always bear in mind one, then flashlight watch for a long time, to determine if it has died.Fortunately its gills every time a weak incitement, my heart hanging down to the.I then put their hands in the water to help it stand up, so it does not order that had a very simple movement struggling all day.Seen floating on the water it does not eat cabbage leaves, I suddenly very worried about its body, suddenly very distressed very distressed.    The last two days I often give it replaced with fresh water to ensure that it does not try to hypoxia.A few days ago I just saw it when it was “lively” – simply for fear of the unknown helpless protest strike!Today, however, I found it in the body of the scales when to change the water it’s a lot damaged, fin lost its previous luster and flexible.With the “black and blue” to describe very appropriate.    I do not know fish in the end have no idea, I do not want them there, but also very much hope they have.In fact, there are the same, only adding to the pain of many lives.If not, just helpless when less of Xu reincarnation.The only change is no physical pain will never decrease.    I think soon it will go down that road of no return, but it does not do anything.Breathing alone in this filthy muddy water in the air do not want to dream it alone survive this long, cold night, walking alone in the cold if it’s already clear the road of death.The reason I could not sad, because to see a similar fish lives in his own death on the road is still so lonely so silent.Perhaps each of us are lonely road of death, but I think no one can, and this life, compared, since their death is not going to cause anyone’s attention, not to anyone, or similar memorial, so this is really lonely death; but this alone is not because there is no living memorial, I hope they have that we do not know the thoughts.    When I stood alone under the night sky to watch the stars overhead, always with a meteor every hope, especially tonight, because I want to promise a meteor wish – I hope they are no longer painful.But God did not let me finally achieve this desire, after all, not a meteor across.I just saw the piece of timeless shallow galaxy, seen only Each and sometimes clear and sometimes hazy stars.But I finally fell down on the ground, praying to God, praying that they have our same happiness.    If you were reincarnated, I do not want a man, I hope I can do a fish, or other animals, is a blade of grass I am willing.Let me go with them to face this short life, let us together through this tough night, let us go to the piece of road of death unknown.We do not have to bid farewell to each other, do not pay homage to the living, not long-term memories.    This is a life and death of the cage, but could not prevent the parting of sadness and longing pain, but stopped helpless and lonely bitter not born.Here I would fear happiness, pain, desire and loneliness, and silent they just lost and looking for the unknown with fear.    February 10, 2013