Chen Zhihong: done, there must be progress

At an early age, I was very confused.At that time, I always have been thinking, thinking, thinking about his own life in the end what to do.Just when I think of the time in my mind later, all of a sudden, many years later. I learned later, would not progress, things are made out of.Finally, and only then make their own confusion, and gradually progress. Friends said that to come looking for me to chat, he said he was confused.I said, you do not find me.If confused when certainly think too much, too little.The matter at hand now you do it.He said that under do first. Three months later, a friend said, finally not confused.I said, did not have a direction, with, it is to do work now. I believe that friends are really understand, he is doing Taobao, once very confused I guess, should earn much money. But since the last spoken, he should try to do.There are trying to do, it is destined to do well.I say, good thing I did not help him do a lot of other.Otherwise, maybe he was not yet back on the road, not in the Amoy Po he loves. And I also know a lot of the time, we did not progress, in fact, we did not do it. I have also lost before graduation, so I would think stall, open restaurants, and even thinking about selling Shandong grains, and even thought, or else, I went to barber school, later to open a chain store is also good.It is simple, like a lot, a little preparation. For example, to open the hotel, have books, do Shandong grains, see video.The book have not read it, there.Videos also watched. There is no effect of it, really effective, many years later, I still remember. For example, I now someone else cook, I can at least say 123.Also, do grains, I will certainly do.If someone told me one day to discuss their future earnings, I am sure will understand.There stall pay attention to what, I certainly understand. Because I have to do, so I know these.I just did not stick with it. Do these have no use for it.I think it is useful, at least I’m writing a lot more material. At least people around to stall, I will tell him my experience these.Tell him how to put up a stall, pay attention to what point.There would be more profitable to sell what.So, do, there will be progress, the key is to do it. So we see a lot of Taobao, although many do give up a few.But they also have come into contact with Taobao, not a lot of contact, really is to ask them, ask them how to do Taobao.Although they failed, but also rewarding. Because they have to do, how can we know works, but also know how can we not work. At least know that, according to the original do not work that way, because there is to do, have to reach out, so know more. If you later encounter the same thing, we certainly know better treatment. Like once we are afraid high speed, because we fear that they will get lost.But when we follow someone else’s car had a.So life, we all know how to open their own.In the life on the road, no one pointing, we can learn to imitate. Also, a lot of the time, we did not look like it is in the environment. At the last, to see a story, there is a small boy, I could have been in the city, back to the country to study. Go to the countryside, many people will give him. So he put this thing to tell a teacher, tell Mom and Dad, teachers do not believe, how could it difficult for the city’s children.His father and mother did not believe.Children in the countryside are simple, can not make life difficult for their children. So the little boy wanted to rely on others is certainly impossible.We can only rely on their own.How it can not be beaten.After careful thought he know the truth.That is to run, as long as people want to chase him he ran. Every time after school, first went to the cafeteria, the first meal, first ran home. Behind the times, the teacher said, you can not always run it first, you have to duty, to help those sweeping. Behind a few boys, finally found the opportunity to make life difficult for his.So it is in the classroom, thinking he was bullied.So he ran around the table again.Behind someone to hold him, he would clash with the past. But I did not think of him now, he has not had, and after a month of high-intensity exercise, the body is very fierce. Since then, no one comparable to him also. From the example above, I want to say.A lot of time is, in fact, we do not own, thought the do.But what if when we have to do, we can also do well.Especially in the environment of persecution. So, do, certainly there will be progress.And to do this, whether it is to do more or do less. Do less, is what we see a book, watch a video.After chatting with people then we are talking of something at work if the case encountered a problem that way, we also know of all.Do more, just above the runners up. If he has always insisted on his speed, then maybe he is the first full year, the first school. From the perspective of the results in terms of his performance, at least in there.And progress is the best way to solve the problem. Many people may think, I really do have to want to understand what life.Then make a lifetime. Running it is to die, the body does not work.Weibo that has to die, out of date, micro-channel does not work, there will be something new alternative. I said, no, there are many other things in the world.. I then this world there is no such a thing does child.some.I believe a lot of things, I believe you, I believe that all of us can make a lifetime.What direction is it so.Is a skill, that skill is a skill. For example, we like to read, such as we like to learn, such as we like to smile, like we practiced eloquence. And so on, a lot.These things, as long as we can do the same, do not worry lifetime. Another point, many people will certainly think.These things are important, but have to exercise, practice every day eloquence do not know what kind of place, then there really dizzy.Actually no, we put our work now on it. As long as the boss did not let us go, we put this as our own business, first to be the best. This well, with us later in life, after the general direction has nothing to do with it.We have a great relationship. Roca before doing moderator, before his character color research, has done for 10 years, made a lot of industry.Do sell insurance, ran the business, have been in inspirational speeches, many, many, finally, he chose the character color. But in front of those experiences, just let him know, that he liked the character of color, the achievements of his character colors. Yahoo, we know for sure, is a search, but in the past, they do not do this, do the other.They are trying to do, but failed to do.Two bored people do fail, so is there mess, find the site interesting navigation. So they will be, really did not expect a lot of people point, gradually, they discovered that people like lazy, do a search. Xu Xiaoping said that all successful companies in the world, only 95% of success after the transition is not a business plan by the beginning of success, but to get the risk, also failed several times, but slowly adjusted, the final success the. So, they are behind the success of their failure to accumulate, there is a need to accumulate a lot of the job. So, there will be progress made, maybe today we did not feel obvious.But tomorrow, he’ll be doubling our return. Original text, Chen Zhihong micro-channel / QQ: 838504315, welcome to add.