Cool autumn

Zhoushan first came to earth and brake Autumn beginning.    Narrations from the spring has been no consideration of Qingping, came from the foot of Daiyue all the way to the East China Sea, are actually sensibility with rational perspective there is time and space.”I’ve crossed the mountains and the sea, but also through the sea of people” is used to always humming tunes, but has now become my most vivid portrayal, perhaps time and space sometimes is the case of coincidence.So from here, in order to define the word cool autumn tone will calm a lot, Qingping not imagine it is true.As cool, and to stop the endless rain when the ocean breeze to describe, at twenty degrees to define a constant, it must be the most appropriate way to present thereto cool Autumn.New life will start from the cool autumn.    First, remember from school who are familiar with the “will climb from” getting it dyed a heavy culture, which is part of the mark Qilu, but also the memory of four years of the Spring and Autumn.Carrying magnificent Dongyue across most of East China, came to the independence of the East China Sea Zhoushan, called chang of the land is here.Followed by “seeking innovation” has become a new symbol, “as are state-owned, in the coast of Zhejiang” It often sounded tunes the new ownership structure, so everything is a logical link properly re-start the.    Marine floor, offshore Museum, the building is not high, presumably the outcome is three months in the incubator of the land; the library as the most magnificent building, is indispensable for me tends to great, this is the most gentle presence ideological and cultural sites, “offer all kinds of desolate, as a dream; Xie Xie Wanli, as a return” here has the most solid attachment, or maybe cultural journey started from here.    As the Universe in a millet footer, help undergraduate there, and now the success or failure are a few who are.But that has been the same, “Gaoshanyangzhi, Jingxing behavior” vision, but now need to “arduous, to a Jungle” in preparation and persistence.The road leading to the unknown is always easy to be prohibitive, but as long as walking every step of the camp, never mind the noise of the surrounding clutter, out of the ordinary can be extraordinary road.    ”Buddha because of fear, fear Bono fruit.A thought heaven, hell of a read, “to the exclusion of religious indoctrination of this sentence, in fact, also with ‘If there is no big deal to hang my heart, is the human good season’ has been echoed wonderful.In most cases is not an accurate assessment of the future, so do not go fear the unknown future, focus on the present, which do not hesitate to follow the clear mentality has been forward, and perhaps has been the dream in the near place, and that is our brave new world.    Second, travel “to have friends from afar” phrase had memorized the Analects now find the best fit mapping.Before leaving home to study there for many years, however, he walked the streets, across the bridge, through the streets, boarded the top of the hill, but to thousands of miles away, geographically still belongs to the category Qilu, so everything will drown accent the flee Li You.In this Bingshen cool autumn, I walked out of Qilu mellow nostalgia, all the way south, went to the south of the sea.    Anton ceased, and told his friends will travel to Zhoushan small.Chang from Nanking to the country, not nearly far can be considered a thousand miles; friends to Zhejiang, to its Libi, whose music will be full.A small tour of the matter, do not deliberately thoughtful, like heart.    Zhoushan has a small town hidden in the mountains northwest of – Ma Ao, there are thousands of years of its history.This elegant temporarily to distant history, only one like most heavenly Wu is enough to make people disoriented and overwhelmed.Imagine if there is no Daqin’s book with the text, this land must still Yue, perhaps at the moment and I was in a foreign country.But here, although away from the Central Plains, but much the same diet, in addition to local specialties, with the home no different.Surprisingly alone Zhoushan, China’s largest fisheries, local seafood prices are quite high that the locals still coveted seafood meaning, and this is a phenomenon worth thinking about.Of course, most in need of Tang expressed or sections and to be, as well as former big Tang Gu after less busy.    I suddenly have mountains sea, mountains between illusory “, full name four famous Buddhist mountains of China – will be located here Putuo Mountain.But although Putuo Sheng, but road resistance and long journey back and forth really so presumably.Mercedes-Benz speedboat at sea, there is a yellowing of the sea people passing the mouth of the Yellow River between illusion suddenly.To Putuo Island, Tianshui Isshiki scenery feel people feel good, so in the southern ocean component of impression will become more of a heavy.    He took to the boardwalk, surrounded by tree-lined, bustling tourist.Up the stairs, I was most impressed by the roadside is actually the most simple of a tree – hackberry.Prior to this, Hackberry in my concept has always been commonplace road most appropriate interpreters; today, has become a hackberry really exist outside of.The tree has the title card, wrote “Him, wash much more frequently,” feel my heart there was a slight feeling, Inf put in the moment, inspiring and improve the professional level, daytime and at every step, is an ideal fit.    Come a long or short road, we came to the South China Sea Guanyin Lotus sets.Devout pilgrims par after another, Xiang Wu tear down lit, so all kinds of prayers would thus hair growth, with incense lit smoke flooded unhappy earthly.Bustling tourist bow whisper, as promised willing to name a few, so the world go by panoramic view, perhaps this is the most appropriate place to pursue the world rely on the psychological.Guanyin Bodhisattva once said, “to make the world people will not cross vow to become a Buddha”, so it seems, is exceedingly difficult to become a Buddha.Feeling more numerous pilgrims eager to toss money floor, which like its shape did not dare to fight man, more of a rush.Money is swirling patch of space, a half dollar coin tumbles at his feet.It certainly does not take God to the subject to blame, I am also the people of the world situation, how can we not take the ferry to the Goddess of Mercy, so I quietly picked up on this as the best pledge.    Third, miscellany to Zhoushan has been more than two months, during which the storm clouds are happy to see month-shaped.From the “Western Hills towards temporary rain, twilight taste Qingjiang fish” coming Mid-Autumn Festival, but also slowly enjoy the cool autumn island.This season, carefully read the Shen Fu “Fu”, such as its temperature Wanxing Wen slightest drizzle immersion Heart; come a quiet night Guazhou Ancient Ferry, do not feel easy recall among “Jingkou melon water, Zhongshan separated by only a few mountains, “the old nostalgia; there is an ethereal quiet wan antiquity” pull wire play “, which is ‘less seeing ghosts’ strange and chorus of” do not sing a long sad not sad, actually very red at ashes “can exist side by side.    In the process of studying the experience can be so cool autumn, perhaps it is extremely fortunate.So overflowing cup of life, not to drink has been drunk, drunk and difficult to wake up.If this a dream, why should I worry wake.    Fourth, the cool autumn to autumn cool to narrating perhaps it was somewhat strange when the focus, but this is the place most fit to describe this season.In this season the most likely to think of the “mountain out of water net night comes frost, the number of tree crimson light yellow” fresh and bright and clean as outlined, I think the cool autumn scenery of respect and so the list goes on.In fact, spring and autumn seasons this no mind, because the literati and more sentimental, so most of the time have contracted the autumn bleak layer of light gray, and into the depths of each person’s memory under load text.Focus on the warm autumn, cool autumn, cool white Debates meaning no concept, just a sea of autumn in the sense of wanton injury of autumn, this season hopes of finding the most authentic tone.So, enough.