I was confused to dip to the sea, great big tears falling from heaven, my hand to catch the water droplets is my reflection.I am doing what it?On the balance of dangling in the lost balance, stepping on steel wire walking on endless trails, engaged in the endless food for thought. Dark light alternately.Claustrophobia, fog, non-fog, dreamlike, such as electric as the dew, I swing at the bubble, foam raging around me joy, endless sea still spread, why I do not escape, who imprisoned me wing? Changing space, abstracted into a Van Gogh painting pen, color, knocked on the sea for me to draw a rainbow-colored makeup.Full of mud yellowed memories, lying on the colorful surface of the water dripping wet, tears splashing down a large ripple, layer by layer, cover tight circle around me.Why I stopped no less sway feet?Why do I wipe the tears falling endless?Who is like the puppeteers manipulate the world as? Swing like clotting time as Shanghai Triad, swing ah swing.A burst of warm air pushed me away from the swing arc to draw the mountain, the momentum into the air.In an instant, the sea retreat, tears disappear, space restore order quickly time spinning jump, redness of the sky broke open the hole, I looked back and beheld the face you laugh. “Dark disappeared?””Yes.”” After that, what is it dawn?”