Do not listen to old words suffer in the eyes

Rumbling carts walked from bumper to bumper front of my house, as if a Unit from the cold wind blowing through my heart.Some of them because there is no parking and reluctant to leave; others because of hate and disdain to quietly away. A few days ago, we here car to drive to bustling.From morning until night, a little more rested, although some tired, but the heart is very happy; in this year’s financial crisis to have such a bustling scene, the number can be called a miracle.I am naturally very proud.As the saying goes: “whoever worship arrogance, a really hard test!”But since the day six carts oil lost after three carts, although we did not want them to eat a meal costs more than white, but also taking care of the people see the car, but she was never really a coming ,, recruit bitten it Jingsheng!Our business is therefore plummeted, coupled with our family north and opened a shop biscuits, parking is not convenient so I restricted the hotel business.I really feel worse taste, as if the heart knocked over the bottle of medicine like… “Ugh!”Do not listen to old words suffer in the eyes.At that time, a man said to me: “If you have to rent rent north.”But I disagree, and now regret it already late.Touyou have had carts buddy said, I heeded when full, and now the business had slipped, I also powerless, it can only be a dried toad white staring eyes. When school drop-out, the teachers and the students tried to persuade me not to leave school, I am partial to a tendon does not listen to other people’s advice, stubborn, now writing difficulties.In fact, there are many living in Chilliwack saying should learn, can. Remember the “Historical Records.Liuhou family, “said the good:” cold medicine tastes bitter to the disease, resented help line!””Ugh!Aunt guilty of taboo Yo!”