3 big mistakes against dandruff

3 big mistakes against dandruff

The problem of dandruff can be solved from the root. The key is to master the effective anti-dandruff method and use the correct anti-dandruff product.

But usually, people always get into the following three misunderstandings!

  Misunderstanding 1: Love to use the prescription to remove dandruff. In daily life, we often see people using folk remedies such as salt, vinegar, egg whites, and beer to treat dandruff.

Admittedly, some remedies may be able to say some basis for decomposing, and even eloquently tell a set of seemingly credible theories, or advertised as ancestral, but most of them can not solve the problem at all, and are very unsanitary.

Too much, some remedies can never eradicate dandruff, which will cause scalp infections, increase the burden on the scalp, and make the dandruff problem even more serious.

  This seemingly active treatment of dandruff is mostly empirical without any scientific basis, which is extremely unreasonable.

If you think about it, if the remedy can really remove dandruff, then each of us can casually deal with salt, vinegar, egg white, etc. Wouldn’t a few cents solve the problem of dandruff?

So, dandruff is not as simple as we think.

Otherwise, you don’t need medicine to remove dandruff!

  Myth 2: Normal shampoo is expected to completely solve the problem. Under normal circumstances, dandruff is generally invisible to the naked eye.

However, when fatigue, excessive pressure and sudden changes in the external environment, the health of the scalp will be broken, and the metabolism will abnormally accelerate, leading to the breakage of dandruff-abnormal reproduction of Malassezia furfur.

When the amount of this flour exceeds the normal level, dandruff is produced, accompanied by itching, worms and the like.

Scratching for a long time without preventive treatment will lead to continuous deterioration of the scalp health and cause various infectious inflammations.

  Dandruff becomes a disease.

Ordinary anti-dandruff shampoo can only clean the dirt and temporarily remove the dandruff that is suspended on the surface of the scalp. It cannot directly reach the onset of dandruff. Moreover, it will continue to disrupt the normal flora of the scalp and accelerate the scalp fractureExcessive breeding makes dandruff worse.

  This is a big misunderstanding. Many people are counting on ordinary shampoos with the “makeup” trade name to solve the dandruff problem forever, but I’m sorry to tell you: this is simply impossible!

The use of OTC ‘medicine’ brand anti-dandruff products is the right way.

  Myth 3: Thoroughly clean the scalp to prevent dandruff. Sebum is not a bad thing. Sebum plays an important role in maintaining the scalp’s barrier.

If the scalp completely loses sebum, it will be damaged by the scalp’s defense function against various external stimuli and microbial infections.

First of all, sebum on the scalp is also the “guardian” of hair.

This is because the sebum secreted by the scalp can be evenly wrapped on the surface of the hair, thereby changing the effect of protecting the hair, protecting the hair from losing moisture, and avoiding various factors to damage the hair.

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