Four reasons to make white-collar workers Moonlight clan

Four reasons to make white-collar workers “Moonlight clan”

“Moonlight illuminates the hall .” As a child, this lyrics often accompanied us to sleep.
However, the reporter recently discovered in an interview that “Moonlight” has now become a true portrayal of the life of many white-collar workers in Tancheng.
Due to factors such as higher living costs due to rising prices, advanced consumption concepts, and inadequate financial management experience, many white-collar workers spend little in a few days after they receive their wages.In the days when the clothes were shrunk, even reaching out to family and friends for “relief” became an out-of-the-box “Moonlight clan”.
  For 6 years of habitual work, my dad “relieves” 爸 “Dad, my salary is running out this month. Can you send me 500 yuan?”
“This is a sentence that Xiao Wu, who works for a publishing house in Guangxi, called home two days ago.
Xiao Wu, 28, has been working for almost 6 years, but his deposit in the bank is still close to zero.
Speaking of his dilemma, Xiao Wu said to reporters with embarrassment: “I usually think about how to play with those friends around me as soon as I get paid, but I do n’t have to pay for food anyway.
“Xiao Wu’s family situation is quite generous. In his words, it means” never worry about money. ”
  Xiao Wu, who is used to living a superior life, is very dissatisfied with his current salary.
He said: “When I was in college, my family paid me 2,000 yuan a month for living expenses, but now my monthly salary adds up to less than 2,000 yuan, which is really boring.
“He is accustomed to using money generously.
“The other day I just took this month’s salary to buy a mobile phone I like, and then I can only use my own private house money. There is really no way I can only ask my father for relief.
“Xiao Wu said.
  Looking at his “bill” in March, Xiao Wu said, “The unit has too little money, which is enough for me to spend.
In fact, I really want to save a little bit. I especially envy those colleagues who can save money every month. A friend once advised me to make a financial plan every month, but I can only listen to it when I have no money.As soon as the money came in, I forgot my friend’s advice. ”
  In the last days of each month, Huatianjiudi borrows money. 日 Compared to some thrifty peers, Mr. Huang, who is the middle-level leader of a private company, is much more “cheerful”.
He said to the reporter quite proudly: “I will invite a few friends to go to the bar for a couple of drinks every three or five, or go to the latest movie blockbuster on the weekend, I think this life is interesting.
“But the” cheap “life will have to pay a certain price.
Mr Huang is always dissatisfied with his life in the last days of each month.
He said: “I am a person who pursues the quality of life, and I hope to enjoy the fun of life to the greatest extent, so when I spend money, I basically don’t think too much about it, as long as I feel worth it, I pay.
  Because of this, I have borrowed money for two or three months to spend the last few days of the last month, which is really disappointing.
“In February and March of this year, Mr. Huang felt a sense of suffocation. Regarding his” financial deficit “ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand yuan, Mr. Huang admitted frankly:” I do n’t know, I am scared.Jump, you can never do it again.
“Mr. Liang’s colleague Miss Liang has almost 1,000 yuan of” free money “deposited in the bank every month. When talking about the reason, Miss Liang frankly said:” I don’t have any special tricks to save money.I think that spending money must be within means, especially when spending large amounts of money, it is best to discuss with family or a few friends, so that you can be sure of spending every penny.

  入不敷出型最怕和女友一起去逛街   从事营销工作仅两年的张先生这段时间正忙着另找房子租,原因是张先生嫌现在每个月将近400元的房租太贵了,他想Find a house that costs around 200 yuan a month.
Speaking of his monthly income and expenditures, Mr. Zhang is really not happy.
  Looking at his expenses in March, Mr. Zhang told the reporter with a bitter smile: “This month is not enough to make ends meet, so the pressure is really great.
Talking, Mr. Zhang stated to reporters the “reasons” for each of his expenses.
He said, “Like we do sales, we ran outside all day, and almost every meal was settled at an outside fast food restaurant. For a meal, it would cost four or five yuan.
Sometimes I’m too tired to order something for myself, 450 yuan a month is already very small.
“Next, Mr. Zhang pointed to the two expenses of” mobile phone charges “and” motorcycle gas charges “and told reporters:” The sales performance mainly depends on our door-to-door sales and telephone contact.
Then, he pointed to his motorcycle and told reporters that my motorcycle had to run an average of 1200 kilometers a month. Now the price of gasoline has risen again. I originally added 93 gasoline and now I add 90.Can save province.
At the same time, I have to call about ten people every day. I want to save these expenses, but I dare not save.
Speaking of which, Mr. Zhang “pained” his head.
  Relatively “meek” towards himself, Mr. Zhang is more generous towards his friends and customers.
Looking at his entertainment expenses of nearly 300 yuan per month, Mr. Zhang said, “These three hundred dollars are the only ones I can choose freely. Last month, I spent nearly two hundred dollars to entertain several fellow villagers and classmates., The rest of the money is to buy some gadgets for customers.
I especially want to go shopping with my girlfriend on weekends, but the wallet is not thick enough, I am afraid of shopping.
夫妻 The monthly living cost for couples who provide houses and models is only a thousand yuan.
However, for some young white-collar workers whose monthly income is not too high, the days of having a house and a car are not so smart.   Speaking of his house and car, Mr. Hu, who has a monthly income of nearly 3,000 yuan, said frankly: “The pressure on repayment is too great.”

He said: “My wife and I earn about 5,000 yuan a month. I discussed with my wife last year, right?

East’s “Jade Garden” community bought a flat in the middle of the building. At the beginning, the two of us could still face a loan of more than 1,000 yuan a month.

With the improvement of living standards, our family borrowed a few more cars in the first two months.

However, the quality of life of our family has not been greatly improved because of this, but it has led to heavy debts. Our life seems to have suddenly returned to the level of alternative evidence in the years after graduation.

When Mr. Hu took a loan to buy a house last year, the bank loan repaid for a month was only 1,700 yuan. This year, when his family bought a car, the bank raised the loan interest rate. Now their family has to repay a bank loan of 3500 yuan per month.

In addition, each month you need to spend about 500 yuan to raise a car, and only 1,000 yuan is left.

Except for the food fee of 800 yuan, there is little left in the 1,000 yuan.

  ”In order to repay the loan, I almost dared not go out for social entertainment now. I could buy something for my wife after three chariots, and now I have done so with almost no expansion, let alone other activities.

“When it comes to this, Mr. Hu seems to regret the choice of buying a house or car.” I really don’t know when the bank will raise interest rates again. In that case, I don’t know what to do. “

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