[How to make beef noodles? _How to make beef noodles is more delicious]

[How to make beef noodles? _How to make beef noodles is more delicious]

Many people like to eat beef noodles. The beef noodles in restaurants generally taste more authentic, but some people may not particularly like to go to restaurants to eat beef noodles. In addition, the price of beef noodles in restaurants is higher, which is not special.Affordable, people want to make beef noodles at home.

In this case, it is necessary for people to understand how to make beef noodles more delicious, so that people can also make beef noodles with good taste at home.

How to make beef noodles with delicious ingredients Recipe number: 444.

5 (calorie) Ingredients Beef tendon heart 4 strips of sugar 2 tbsp. Method / steps First buy the beef that is home, thaw, cover the beef with a pot of water, cook for 20 minutes and wait for the cold.

How to make delicious beef noodles After the beef is boiled for 20 minutes, take out the beef and cut it into strips. Do not cut the slices. The taste is not good.Add the rock sugar to dissolve, add the beef strips and stir fry, add soy sauce and water to cover the height of the beef, and boil the water with minimum heat.

20 minutes.

After the fire went out at night, it was cooked for 20 minutes.

Do not open the lid and wait until dawn is ripe.

Take out the three 20-minute pieces of beef. How to make beef noodles delicious braised beef.

All noodle soups are suitable.

Or with rice.

How to make beef noodles is delicious 4 Moderate cooked noodles, take out the beef, and mix the soup with your favorite salty and sweetness, which is a bowl of delicious beef noodles.

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