[How to fry pig skin]_How to fry_How to fry

[How to fry pig skin]_How to fry_How to fry

I believe that everyone usually fry pigskins during the Chinese New Year. Fried pigskin is a characteristic of the northern region. All the oil in it is fried out, and then the pigskin becomes crispy. Although it is slightly greasy, the taste is very mellow.And, it ‘s best to eat it while it ‘s hot. If you want to have the kind of texture that is sold outside, you can make it according to the following ingredients to ensure that the fried pigskin has an endless aftertaste.

Fried pork skin material pig skin 4 kg of oil 1.

2L method: Wash pig skin, add water, add pork skin and cook for 2 minutes. It is easier to remove hot pork skin, remove subcutaneous oil, finish hanging white lard, and hang it for about 7 days, then the pig hair will be noticeable as the skin is dried in a few days.Exposed.

During the drying process, oil will come out and drip on the next day. Pig skin has become dry and hard and the oil has dropped on the third day. It was found that some parts were too close and did not dry in the shade. It turned out on the third day because they covered each other.And the rotten part was not so disgusting the next day.

On the fourth day, there was still a lot of oil dripping from kitchen towels on the ground.

On the seventh day, on the seventh day when the dried pig skin was hard, the pig skin was too hard to bend, and it was ready to be fried.

The oil scraped from the pig skin is used to fry the lard. The process of frying the pig skin will continue to burst. The sound is like pressing plastic foam. The oil will also splash around. Wearing long-sleeved fried pork skin is a way to avoid being oiled.Good way to splatter.

Expansive leather materials like shrimp cakes, fried pork skin, about 56 slices of Chinese cabbage, one mushroom, 45 carrots, 1/3 slices of ginger, moderately minced shrimp, a small amount of sesame oil, a small spoon of oyster sauce, a small spoon of salt (self-seasoning)Soak in water for one night.

Soft sliced mushrooms, sliced carrots, chopped large pieces of Chinese cabbage in half, minced ginger.

Bring a pot of boiling water to cook the fried pork skin until soft, and add a small spoon of white vinegar when cooking to remove the oily taste of the fried pork skin.

Heat the pan with sesame oil, stir-fry the shrimp, simmer pork, shiitake mushrooms and carrots.

Add Chinese cabbage, stir fry, add half the amount of water in Chinese cabbage, add shrimp water and mushroom water, and add ginger.

After cooking for 20 minutes, add oyster sauce, salt, pepper, sesame oil, and parsley (with or without adding).

carry out!

A large piece of braised pork skin, suitable amount of rock sugar, appropriate amount of soy sauce, 2 star anise, 2-3 slices of tender ginger, 1 shallot, 1 garlic head, appropriate amount of zephyr soy sauce, appropriate amount of soy sauce, half of pepper method1, firstWash the pig skin and put two slices of ginger in the boiling water pot and put them onion. 2 After the water is boiled, heat the pig skin and blanch it for about ten minutes3. When the pig skin is hot, it will be rolled up.Turn both sides over 4 times. After hot for about 10 minutes, pick up cold water and wash it. Then scrape off the white layer of oil on the back of the pigskin. At this time, you will find that the layer of white fat on the back of the pigskin becomes easy to remove.Scraping a thick layer of grease looks a bit disgusting, but it is a beautiful gelatinized pigskin 啰 5. After processing the pigskin, I will cut it into two sections and take another pot to prepare the pigAdd water to the leather pan and add the halogen material and start to marinate for about an hour. 6. Take out the pork skin and cut into small pieces. Place the ginger ginger and shredded on the garlic and chili sauce.Quite delicious

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