Have a healthy body, start with a newborn


Have a healthy body, start with a newborn

Recently, I have been exposed to many reports about “swine flu”, and many mothers are worried about their baby’s health.

The baby’s own resistance to the outside world is not very strong, and adults are not shuddering about the invasion of epidemic viruses in their lives, let alone infants and young children.

Newborns in particular are worrying mothers!

For infants and young children’s protection against “virus”, it is possible that mothers have some ideas, which can enhance the child’s exercise to strengthen the child’s physical health, thereby enhancing resistance; kindergartens can also choose appropriate care or attention; mothers in dietIt is also possible to change the possibility of giving your baby some nutrition and increasing her resistance.

But for all aspects of newborn care, today is the topic we pay attention to!

To increase the resistance of newborns, to speed up, good, and save, the method is to eat breast milk as soon as possible, and develop all breast milk replacement (pure breast milk replacement).

Because the only way for babies at this stage to absorb nutrients is to drink breast milk. Generally speaking, babies who drink breast milk rarely get sick because breast milk contains IgA antibodies, immune substances that prevent bacteria and viruses from invading the body.

In addition, it also contains Bifield’s factor for energy culture of intestinal beneficial bacteria, lactoferrin with bactericidal effect, lysozyme, white blood cells, and many other substances that protect the body.

There is also the right to add nutrition, I think people of any age and any system need to supplement their own nutritional elements.

Newborns are certainly no exception.

In addition to drinking the breast milk to supplement the nutrients required by the baby, the baby also needs to supplement the nutrients of different ingredients, which is the so-called nutritional balance.

In addition to taking into account the baby’s constitution, you can also give your baby some water containing vitamins.

Note: The vitamins in the newborn baby are prepared by the mother for him before birth. Under normal circumstances, no additional supplement is required for the first two months.

If your baby is experiencing early neurological symptoms such as night terrors, restless sleep, crying, sweating, etc., you should ask your doctor for proper calcium supplement and cod liver oil.

Strengthening resistance is a must for everyone, and expectant mothers must start doing this when they are pregnant!

Because the baby and you need a lot of nutrition, pay more attention to such knowledge in weekdays, avoid some unnecessary mistakes, and let you and your baby have a healthy body!

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